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left rib pain

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loopyloo87 Mon 16-May-16 18:37:07

Hi since Saturday I've been experiencing pain in the middle of my ribs that radiates around the side it's a dull ache ...I used to get this many years ago & Gavison eased it however nothing touches it now ..I slept ok last night and the pain had gone when I woke up but returned this afternoon ..Any ideas ?

sadie9 Mon 16-May-16 22:36:01

If it's mostly there when your stomach is empty like between meals and early morning, it might be gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). Does it go away for a while after you eat?
GP might prescribe a course of stomach acid inhibitors.

loopyloo87 Tue 17-May-16 07:37:40

Thank you for your reply ,it's not there first thing in the morning it seems to come as the day goes on the pain makes me feel nauseous ...I haven't had this pain for years .

sadie9 Tue 17-May-16 09:27:18

Hopefully the GP will sort it out for you. Mine only appeared around peri-menopause so I am convinced it was triggered by hormonal changes, also I was going through a very stressful time. Mine now definitely gets worse when I am stressed, even though I am on stomach acid tabs.

loopyloo87 Tue 17-May-16 10:00:25

Aw poor you ,I've got a feeling that mine is stress related as I am a worrier ..The pain is horrible it starts off in the middle then works it way around the left side ...I've been laying off fatty food and drinking loads of water the last couple of days ..

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