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Long shot, but can anyone help?

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GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Mon 16-May-16 12:55:31

I'm in the process of applying for ESA and PIP due to my health. A mumsnetter very, very kindly allowed me to use their log in onto the site benefitsandwork. I was able to use some of the resources. I realise now I missed one, a way of making a diary I can fill in on the PC and print out. All I find when I google is blanks I can print and fill in. Due to my arthritis I can't hold a pen or write at all. I'm wondering if anyone at all has any kind of document, any knowledge of sites that may have this, without me paying £20 which is 2 months food budget to access this one document.

I realise this is a huge long shot... but I'm beyond desperate now.

Meandthecat1 Mon 16-May-16 14:25:22
Has a section on claiming PIP and chapter 4 shows you have to fill in a diary.
Hope it helps

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