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Burning pain when lowering elevated sprained ankle - help?

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FrancesPow Sun 15-May-16 11:15:48


I injured my ankle just over a week ago and have been on crutches and in a cast ever since. Apparently I have a minor fracture and massive soft tissue damage. When I went to the fracture clinic to have the temporary cast removed the ankle was still very swollen because I hadn't been raising it high enough, but since then I've been careful to have it above the level of my heart whenever possible. The swelling has greatly reduced (I now have a removable cast so can check it), but whenever I lower my leg to get up I get an agonising burning pain in the injured area. It usually passes after a few minutes but is horrible while it's happening.

My questions are:

Is this pain a normal part of the healing process or something to be concerned about?

Is there anything I can do to alleviate it while it's happening or should I just grit my teeth and let it pass?

Can anyone advise?


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