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Ridiculous periods **TMI WARNING** (and long!)

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RoystonVaseySmegHead Sun 15-May-16 09:05:34

Hi, debating whether or not to go to doctors, wondering if anyone has suggestions for me?
I went on the depo injection in Dec 2014, and came off in Nov 2015, then it took until the end of Feb/ start of March this year for period to come back, but it's awful! The first time I came on for a few days just spotting, then I'd say about halfway through March i came on worse than I ever did before, really heavy and leaking through super tampons after 3/4 hours for about 2 weeks, but the whole period lasted until a few days into April. Pains were as bad as labour (but it was a fairly quick one so I don't know if I got less painful pains or not iyswim?) and felt nauseous for 3 weeks. This month I was getting worried because since last Monday I've felt slightly sick and sometimes dizzy every day until tea time ish so thought I might have been pregnant, but I'm not as the period of doom has come back with a vengeance 😭 Friday night I spotted a bit, and there was blood when I went to the loo before bed, so used a regular tampon. Yesterday, I felt sick most of the day but didn't really get pains until mid morning. Not too bad but still more than I used to get. Then last night I changed tampon at about 8, to a super one and by quarter to 4 I'd gone through enough for it to run down my legs and drip on the floor sad I had quite bad pain but didn't want to get pills because Ds was asleep and in case he needed the toilet, but by 7 I'd leaked through another super tampon, with quite bad pain sort of across my stomach in a line from hop to hip and it gets really bad then after a few minutes it gets not so bad but it's always hurting if you get me? I've just been to the loo about 10 minutes ago and I'd nearly leaked through again and all down one half of the tampon it was like clotted blood. I'm not sure if it was like that because I've been laid down in bed so it's pooled or whether it's a bad thing? Just looking for answers really, since starting periods they've always been painful and heavy enough to use super tampons but I've never leaked through before, even after a full night apart from maybe once or twice since Ds was born 3 years ago. Just wondered if anyone has an idea of whether I need to see go, and if so what this might be. Or whether it's just going to be the norm for me now sad sorry for the epic long post, didn't want to miss anything out blush

whatamess0815 Sun 15-May-16 10:50:01

This isn't normal, defo GP.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-May-16 15:19:52

You need to see a GP and this person ought to refer you to a specialist. This is not normal.

Painful and heavy periods need to be investigated further and by a gynae to ascertain the root cause. If your periods have always been heavy and painful then endometriosis may be a possible cause; it needs to be properly investigated by a gynae.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Sun 15-May-16 22:38:13

Thank you guys, will make an appointment tomorrow, although it seems like this morning was the worst part, since maybe half past 12 I've only changed tampon 3 times and they were full but not leaking or anything, although there was a bit of clotted blood right at the top every time I changed. what do I say to gp though? I'm rubbish with sensitive stuff blush which is why I've told a bunch of strangers who hopefully don't have the means or know how to track my IP address 😁

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