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Lupus (SLE) experts...anyone?

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VocationalGoat Sat 14-May-16 11:15:33

I am showing symptoms of what could be anything. My father had SLE, his sister as well, their mother had gout. My mum has a different auto immune disease altogether (Hashimoto's) and maternal grandmother had Grave's Disease. So my symptoms and family history raise the question of SLE.

I've had preliminary tests and need to see a rheumatologist and get a DNA test done.
In the meantime my inflammatory markers are raised.
I am negative for RA.
I have been diagnosed microcytic anaemia.
WBC is low not raised.
FBC is all 'abnormal'...low readings.
Mild butterfly rash
Joint pain with swelling and immobility in the morning accompanied with swollen occipital glands and persistent headaches (no nausea or dizziness).
Pins, needles, pain and numbness in both hands and feet.
Hands were swollen, joints painful, now reduced but l've been left with sore wrists and fingers.
I have no balance issues or weakness in limbs.
No fever.
Extreme fatigue.

What were your symptoms the first time you had a flare? How long do flares last?
What advice would you give someone like me going down the Lupus diagnosis route?

Thank you in advance.

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