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Hernia help :(

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Gymboree567 Fri 13-May-16 21:13:55

I got a small hernia 10 years a go from coughing, (umbilical) it never bothered me, occasionally pooping out if I laughed to much, maybe once every couple of months and I could just put it back in,
The last couple of days it's been painful, out quite a few times, seems more gristly and bigger, I can push it back in if I lie down, but quite painful (I was nearly crying at work)
Standing, walking, bending and lifting all aggravate it, this is basically my job!
Spoke to a doctor on the phone today they said come in Monday but not overly concerned as its soft and I can push it back in
But I've got 10 hours on my feet at work tomorow, can I bandage it up maybe? How can I get through the day? any help appreciated
Also the criteria for surgery is "unable to sustain employment/education" with my struggles at work do you think I will qualify?

Gymboree567 Fri 13-May-16 21:43:03

Any one? sad
Feeling really depressed about it

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