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Need some support - nightmare periods

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bewarethewalkers Fri 13-May-16 07:45:07

Morning. Currently hiding in the loo at work trying to hold off tears as I am on day 1 of my period. I suffer from extremely heavy periods and excruciating pain in my back, stomach and hips. Sometimes the pain is so bad even walking is agony. I'm on a waiting list for an ablation and I'm hoping with everything I've got that it solves some of the issues. Work know I have this problem but it's dismissed as 'just a bad period'. Only my DH knows how badly I suffer as he sees it every month. I am prescribed very strong painkillers each month but they barely take the edge off. Not sure what I am hoping to achieve with this thread but just needed to vent. I don't know what else I can do but be patient for my op. I actually have a feeling of dread every time I start my period as I know what's to come. sad

Groovee Fri 13-May-16 07:51:29

I feel your pain, I've been put on Tranexamic Acid. Not reducing blood loss or pain but as someone who had 8-9 day periods it has reduced the days.

Hoping you ease soon xxx

genehuntswife Fri 13-May-16 07:54:00

Hi, I feel your pain. Have you tried mefanemic acid whilst waiting for your ablation, it helps with the pain as well as the heavy bleeding. The abilation was great for me, still have periods but like a normal person, lol.

Dixxie Fri 13-May-16 19:27:59

Hi ladies, I feel your pain... I have agonising periods, so bad I can be rolling on the bathroom floor in pain, throwing up and fainting... but they're not particularly heavy.

The only drugs that work for me are tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid, taken together. They're excellent if I anticipate the pain, take them before it really sets in and throughout the period.

I consulted a naturopath (who said she became a naturopath because she had agonising periods) and results were good: prescribed magnesium supplements (magnesium EAP complex from Biocare, take 3 at night throughout the month with a bit of carbohydrate to aid absorbtion, and extra on your P when you're in pain). Makes sense as magnesium relaxes muscles, Epsom salt bath also helps.

Also vitamin E from ovulation for the second 2 weeks of your cycle (Solgar are good) (again take extra on your P with the magnesium if you're in pain) and Omega 3 fish oil.

I've read evidence that the pain is caused by Prostaglandins, which are raised by Omega 6 fats and balanced by Omega 3.

Finally B complex throughout your cycle and Starflower oil for the second half. If I take all the vitamins and avoid sugar / simple carbs consistently for a few months, I can get through a cycle pretty well.

Hope that helps it would be great to hear back from anyone who tries it.

Serenitymummy Sat 14-May-16 20:58:45

Tell your gp you want to be checked for endometriosis, all these symptoms are consistent for it and that is not a 'normal' period, even if it is for you. You shouldn't have to feel like that every month. Please go ask about it, it affects one in ten women so is worth the question. Hugs, I know how you feel chocolate

jellycake Sat 14-May-16 21:06:05

Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear but I had a Mirena coil fitted about 18 months ago and it is the only thing that has made a difference to my hideous periods. They were incredibly heavy and so painful that sometimes I just couldn't function. I had all the tests and scans - all clear apart from some small cysts. Since I had the coil fitted I haven't looked back. The periods changed almost immediately (hardly any blood and no pain), it has taken until the last month or so but I think I am now period free. It's such a relief! I hope that you find something that helps you.

Dixxie Sat 14-May-16 22:04:00

Please do try tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid taken together, they work in combination for the pain... Xx

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-May-16 07:42:01

bewarethewalkers and dixxie

The first thing I thought of when I read your postings was endometriosis. This is not normal and neither of you should have to put up with ongoing painful bleeds.

What have your GPs done up till now?. Not all of them by any means are at all up to speed when it comes to such issues at all and they do not always think of endo being a possible cause.

Have neither of you seen a gynaecologist to date; what you are both describing here could well be attributed to endometriosis. It is a very common cause of both heavy and/or painful periods. I winced in recognition at the stomach and hips pains; pelvic pain is also a symptom of endo as well. My periods varied in heaviness from very light to heavy but the underlying cause was the same; it was endo causing its own havoc internally.

Both of you need a referral to a gynae and asap as well. Endometriosis is usually only diagnosed through a keyhole surgery op called a laparoscopy; that is probably also why diagnosis is often delayed by years.

I would also think your naturopath has endometriosis as well Dixxie.

It will be in both your interests to find out exactly WHY this is happening as well as trying to address the symptoms. (My money's on endo). BTW those acid tablets mentioned are often prescribed to women who eventually get diagnosed with endometriosis, its but a short term solution to a long term problem and they do not always work.

Get onto your respective GPs and insist on being referred to a specialist in this area. I would also keep a daily pain and symptom diary if you do not already do so and show this to the gynaecologist; ideally you need to find someone with a specialist interest in endometriosis.

I feel quite strongly about this because I suffered similarly for years in ignorance due to endometriosis. Its not something I would wish any other woman to attempt to put up with.

Dixxie Sun 15-May-16 08:38:53

Attila, thanks but I've been checked for Endo twice, most recently I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in March. Everything known to be possible has been checked. There's nothing. I'm just one of the unlucky few with primary dysmenorrhea. Doing my own intensive research it's meant to be caused by prostaglandins, see a previous post. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Men suffered with this, ££££ of research would have been piled in, as it is there's little known about it. I'm trying to have a baby so can't take the drugs or be on the pill / coil etc. right now. The vitamin and mineral supplements I mention in a previous post definitely help.

Also I believe the Mirena coil causes depression in some (not all) women, having seen significant changes in my sister and a best friend when they tried it, and reading similar stories from others on the net, so it wouldn't be for me personally although I know others who find it suits them.

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