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Possible DVT?

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StarTravels Thu 12-May-16 18:44:18

I've had a pain in my right calf for approximately 3 months now. It feels like cramp. Perhaps more like the after pains of cramp, like the bruising sensation you get. I can't remember an incident where I had bad cramp and I haven't done anything strenuous. I've not been still for long either, except for a few car journeys.

The pain is there the least, first thing in the morning. Sometimes I even think it's gone. It gets worse as the day progresses and is worse just before bed. It hurts when walking or flexing toes forwards.

I went to the doctor who said I have no swelling or redness and that it definitely wasn't DVT but that he doesn't know what it is. He said if I still have it in a month it could be a cyst and they will ultrasound me.

The pain is worse today. Normally it's just an achy left over cramp feeling. Today it's more like an actual cramp. The pain never moves.

What do you think? Am I worrying for nothing and should I just listen to the doctor?

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