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Not coping

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Allgoingtitsup Thu 12-May-16 09:29:00

I got into work this morning and just felt that I couldn't face another day so I turned around and walked out. I tried calling my manager but it went to voice mail so I left a message saying that Iam having to go home as I think I've had a panic or anxiety attack. Now I feel useless and scared that I couldn't face speaking to them. I suppose they got the message as nobody has called to see where I am.
Have had a lot on my plate - new job where I don't fit in and family problems. Feel like I have just screwed up massively and sitting on a bench waiting for a train home now.

pippistrelle Thu 12-May-16 10:20:45

I'm really sorry you're having a tough time..

How new is the job and how do you not fit in? Is there something your employer could/should be doing to help with this? Assuming that you want/need to keep the job, I think you have to call and actually speak to someone when you get home. Apologise, tell them you're trying to get an appointment with your GP (and do this), and that you'll be back tomorrow. It's Friday tomorrow. You can put up with anything for just one day, then reassess over the weekend whether you can continue there. Do you have someone in real life you can discuss things with?

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