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Borderline smear pls help

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Ruthbabyruth Tue 10-May-16 09:45:23

Hi everyone
This is my first time posting. I would be so grateful if anyone can provide any reassurance as I struggle with health anxiety and chronically sleep deprived from newborn so struggling to keep things in perspective.
Had NHS smear few weeks ago - just got results - borderline but no hpv. However I had a private smear last year which whilst normally cytology was positive for hpv 53- a medium risk hpv which the NHS don't test for.
So is my borderline result because of the medium hpv ?? Or hormones?? I'm so anxious about it sad
Does anybody work in the field that can tell me anything about medium risk hpv53? What would you do if you were me? Get another private smear in 6 months?
Sorry for rambling post. Just feel really scared 😓

Tbonesteak Tue 10-May-16 15:43:42

Hi Ruth - I'm a nurse in a GP surgery and do smears. Borderline changes are usually quite harmless and they will just monitor you more closely for a while - most borderline changes actually resolve themselves and the fact that there is no HPV present is good news as it is HPV that causes about 75% of all cervical cancers and usually if that's not present they don't worry so much.
Have you got to go to colposcopy? Did they not advise on when you should have your next smear?
Try not to worry, we get borderlines come back quite frequently and then at the next smear its normal again smile

Ruthbabyruth Wed 11-May-16 08:16:11

Thanks so much tbone for taking the time to read and reply....I really appreciate it.
The results letter stated normal recall of 3 years. My big concern though is that I know I have a "medium" risk HPV strain from a previous private smear that NHS don't screen for.
It's reassuring to know that in your experience most borderlines return to normal.
For my own sanity I will get a private smear in a few months.
thsnks again x

Tbonesteak Wed 11-May-16 09:42:51

most people do have HPV present and it clears up - the type you have isn't commonly linked to anything sinister which is why the NHS don't test for it so am sure you'll be fine and your body will resolve the cells itself smile x

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