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At wits' end with red blistered eyes! Best antihistamine? Or other suggestions?

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MountainDweller Mon 09-May-16 22:25:50

Help! Eyes are bloodshot and blistered inside eyelids, been like this since mid-February. Itchy and burning and have recently developed light sensitivity. Currently taking ceterizine plus anti-allergy drops from doctor (ketotifine), and rinsing often with eye wash stuff. Have had a course of steroid drops and lots of different allergy drops. The steroid drops worked while I was taking them but I know I'm not allowed to have them again. Ophthalmologist is sure it's allergies (have also had course of antibiotic drops back in Feb).

Can anyone suggest anything that might help? Different antihistamine? Have had one appt with allergist and only grass pollen has shown up as allergen in prick tests and blood test, though he did say things might not show up as I was taking antihistamine. He also said it wouldn't explain why I have had the eye problem since Feb as peak time for grass pollen is now. I have had hay fever for years but it's been manageable most days with the ceterizine, never had prolonged eye problems before.

Thanks for any help.

FormerlyKnownasFK Thu 12-May-16 22:57:44

I had similar although mine was eczema on the top of my eyelids not under so I was able to use steroid cream on that.

I found lacrilube gel to be good for the dryness and redness in my actual eye. I now take a daily antihistamine (loratadine) year round otherwise it comes back.

I've always been a hayfever sufferer but now I just seem to be allergic to loads of stuff although not been tested recently.

I've stopped using any perfume, fabric softener, and only use pure coconut oil as a moisturizer now.

Whitelisbon Thu 12-May-16 23:36:52

Ds (9) has the same problem, he's been on dexamethasone (steroid) eye drops for 5 years now, in winter we can drop it to every second day, he's currently using them twice a day, and we'll probably end up on 4x a day by the end of summer.
He sees the ophthalmologist every 4-6 weeks, it's not an ideal solution but it's the best we can do.
If you're really suffering, you'll need to weigh up the risks of long term steroid use vs the suffering with the ophthalmologist, but don't be fobbed off.

Iknownuffink Fri 13-May-16 00:02:01

I have been prescribed Lacrilube and a few other eye drops. Recently I have been using organic coconut oil as a moisturiser. Lo and behold I have had no need to use the Lacrilube . I do not use chemical cleaning fluids, bleach or air fresheners.

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