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Plantar Fasciitis

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moonandforward Sun 08-May-16 16:31:59

It really hurts. I've got insoles which help a lot but what on earth am I going to wear on my feet this summer, I live in flip flops normally?

hairymuffet Sun 08-May-16 17:08:02

Fit flops ??

moonandforward Sun 08-May-16 17:09:23

Ah, thanks. Do they offer arch support? I sound like my DM

ggirl Sun 08-May-16 17:12:21

fit flops are brilliant for PF

Bear Sun 08-May-16 17:16:21

Chacos are the only flip flops I can wear - they have loads of firm arch support - similar to the orthotics. They're from the US but there are loads of UK online stores which sell them - Google is your friend.

bluesky Sun 08-May-16 17:17:06

birkenstocks and alternate with fit flops is what worked for me

moonandforward Sun 08-May-16 17:22:30

Thanks so much.
I thought I was the only one suffering.

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