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Vitiligo success stories

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lostandsoscared Sun 08-May-16 16:25:30

Hi, not sure if this is the appropriate place to post, apologies if not.

I developed Vitiligo while pregnant with DS. Initially it appeared on my underarms and groin area, I now have it across my hands and arms, my entire chest area, down my shins and tops of my feet and on my forehead.

I wear high factor sunscreen but now the sun has been out a little and I tend to tan very easily the patches look very noticeable.

I'm newly single after a very long relationship, no where near ready to be thinking about dating but as I don't have the greatest self esteem to start with, this is really getting me down. It looks so noticeable and I can't help but think people will be really put off by it.

I've had steroid cream from GP but it didn't really seem to make any difference. I've read about light therapy bring an option but wondered about success rates to make it worthwhile.

Does anyone have any advice or success story to share?

I realise this makes me sound pretty shallow and looks orientated, but its not the case, I just don't want to stand out sad

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 08-May-16 16:31:07

It is an auto immune condition where your body destroys the melanin ( pigment in your skin). I have had it all my life ( I was born with a patch on my arm). Stress makes it progress rapidly, but it is always gradually progressing. I have large patches in my hair so dye that regularly, eye brows so dye those and eyelashes mascara every day.
I wear total sun block pretty much all the time to prevent tanning and use dove tinted body lotion on my legs and wear foundation all the time.

lostandsoscared Sun 08-May-16 16:34:13

Yes the GP told me it was probably triggered by pregnancy hormones, a kind of protest at the 'foreign body'.

I am under quite high stress at the moment so it might be accelerating it.

I have read about some treatments that seem to work for some people, but wanted to hear some peoples experiences first hand.

Iflyaway Sun 08-May-16 16:54:58

So sorry to hear you both are going through this.

I don't have it but another skin condition which I find embarrassing and the need to cover it up even in hot weather. cos people can be so rude

There's a famous ballet dancer with vitiligo who has just appeared in the recent Beyoncé video (don,t follow Beyoncé and haven't seen it) but I love it that Michaela Deprince is trailblazing for us! Even more amazing that she made it as an orphan from Sierra Leone...... (her adoptive family sound amazing).

This is from her own website:!bio/c6f8

and this is about her in the Beyoncé video:

It would be so great if a magic cure was found for us.

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