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Is this normal after being in hospital

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als30 Sat 07-May-16 19:11:54

Last Monday went to hospital as had pain on back/side (possible kidney stones as had this pain before) was kept in and sent home the next day as the scans didn't show anything bloods came back OK and so did the urine tests I've been taking it easy this week but can't shake the feeling there's something else right side of tummy feels werid as if it's bigger than the other side but can't see anything and I'm not bloated not sure if it's down to the doctors feeling about my tummy and back for 2 days and I mean they really did push hard
Also noticed especially today lower back pain on and off plus the muscles in right bum check was sore today plus the back of thigh as if I did a workout yesterday on that side only lol
I'm making a appointment for a checkup bit any advice just now

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