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Extremely heavy periods AFTER removal of uterine fibroid

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mumof2kiddos Fri 06-May-16 18:37:41

Periods was never something which affected my normal life and excepting the 2nd night, I pretty much could do and wear anything I wanted to. And to top it all, no abdominal cramping also!!!

Trouble started this Feb where it continued to 9 days ( i normally have 7 days cycle) and i carried on spotting from 5th day onward till suddenly on 10th day a huge floodgate opened and I had a monstrous bleeding from hell, soaking a full strength pad in half an hour with the biggest clots i have ever seen...
I had tranaxemic acid which helped and had an USG ...turns out that I have a 3 cm fibroid.
The next periods was also identical and I went private to remove the fibroid.

Consultant assured me that henceforth my periods will get lighter and lighter. But I dont think the myomectomy has actually resolved the problem of my super heavy bleeding. Infact the 2 periods that I had after the procedure are pretty much the same like before. Lots of clots, cramping, need to change pads every 2 hrs. I just cannot carry on with normal day to day life with such condition and I am feeling rather low and frustrated that the heavy bleeding hasnt been resolved.

Has anyone else got a similar experience after myomectomy? Oh by the way I am 43 ... never ever had this problem before this Feb...

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