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Sleepiness after eating

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DerelictDaughter Fri 06-May-16 11:59:44

I've always felt crappy if I eat sweet things before dinner - am usually ok in the morning, wouldn't eat sweet things at lunch, if I try in the afternoon then I am zonked, evening is ok.

Just in the past week I've started to feel zonked after every meal. I eat pretty healthily and don't drink loads. I eat fibre and vegetables and fully understand about needing to eat fibre with carbs so I usually go for brown bread. Now if I have toast (no jam) I need a nap afterwards. I'd dearly love to go to sleep after lunch. It's hard to tell in the evening because I'm tired anyway. I just had some leftover pasta for elevenses and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.

That's not normal, is it? I think I know I need to see a doctor but I'd just like to know if anyone else has this and what is it related to?

tiredgranny Fri 06-May-16 22:40:47

Diabetes . Sugar levels high

Fourarmsv2 Tue 10-May-16 06:56:01

Carbs do this to me. A Pizza Hut will literally send me into a coma type sleep for a couple of hours.

However I've just had a HbA1c test which I think will come back normal
because I've been on a low carb diet for over two years now.

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