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Anyone with narcolepsy

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Sleepytail Thu 05-May-16 20:07:32

I'm being investigated for epilepsy but I'm wondering whether I actually have narcolepsy instead (it came up as found out whilst no family member has epilepsy, a relative has narcolepsy). My symptoms does fit what I have read, but I have various questions which I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to.

I have to sleep at various points during the day otherwise I get to the point that I feel ill and cant keep my eyes open. I don't nod off in the middle of conversations though or standing up like on TV. Is this usual?

I do feel weird when I get a burst of emotion but I may not fall over straight away - it can happen a bit later. Do the falling over always happen immediately or can it be delayed reaction?

Can narcolepsy get worse when the air pressure changes? I get really unwell then.

What does REM sleep mean? Every night I fall asleep straight into a dream. Whenever I wake up, at any point during the night or day, I have always been dreaming. Is REM sleep where you dream? I also get the hallucinations sometimes when I wake up (and very realistic they are too!).

Thank you to anyone who can help

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