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How many tummy bugs can you get?

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ProudlymadeinSA Thu 05-May-16 15:46:00

Greetings from my bed, where I am suffering from my 6th dose of vomiting and diarrhoea this year. That's not normal, right? It is mild enough each time, lasting 24 hours or so. I have also had sinusitis and a few nasty bouts of flu. I'm not normally a sicky person. I am very busy and have a daughter in creche, where no doubt some of the germs come from, though no one in the family has been as sick as often as me. I still can't believe it is possible to be so sick so often. I went to a doctor a few weeks ago when I had the sinusitis and she just told me to rest etc. Easier said than done. Does anyone have any tips for building up a stronger stomach? Has anyone else had recurring tummy bugs? Is this normal? Thanks.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 05-May-16 15:48:04

Urghhh,poor you!

I take probiotics- the capsules not the sugary drinks.

bacon Thu 05-May-16 23:01:03

nope sounds wrong to me I would say once a year but two if another strain. I would go to see another GP get full set of tests and run through lifestyle and diet. Optibac proboitics is worth a try. Other ideas could be IBS, food allergy, sinusitis with gidy spells etc can make you ill. Avoid foods that make it worse and def no alcohol. I would def check your food intake and keep a diary to see whether there is a connection and note how you feel.

Organic foods is what we eat now, full fats, (less grains) raw milk, outdoor lifestyle etc all build up immunity

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