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Skin rashes and formaldehyde (methylisothiazolinone)

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IamPaulsMum Wed 04-May-16 18:11:19

I'm starting this post to help anyone who is suffering or know someone suffering from an unexplained skin rash. After 2 years of red burning, itchy skin on my arms I sought advice and tested positive to being allergic to Formaldehyde. Thought that as it's carcinogenic that it would be a doddle to avoid but I've been stunned to find that methylisothiazolinone which contains Formaldehyde is in so many baby products, skin products including shower gels and cleaning products.

It has taken me over a year for my skin to recover and I just hope my post will save others particularly children from this unnecessary discomfort. When products say they do not contain parabens they usually contain methylisothiazolinone (MIT). Initially my symptoms were a mystery to skin specialists and I ended up taking loads of steroids - so frustrating.

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