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A possibly stupid question about thrush

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PuraVida Wed 04-May-16 00:02:01

Does it only happen up your actual vagina?

Or can you have it more externally? I've got an itch on the inside of the outer lips if that makes sense I could draw a diagram

Miz10 Wed 04-May-16 00:04:03

You can get both internal and external thrush

ImperialBlether Wed 04-May-16 00:06:05

Is this useful?

PuraVida Wed 04-May-16 00:10:19

Thanks imperial, yes I'd seen that but it's about specifically vaginal thrush and my actual vag is fine. No discharge, none of the other symptoms. Just an itch.

Miz I'll give external thrush a Google - thanks

NanTheWiser Wed 04-May-16 11:33:14

So it's in your groin? Could be intertrigo, I've been suffering from similar, and I'm beginning to think it could be linked to high blood sugar (I'm off to GP next week to ask for blood test) Fungal problems on the skin can be a sign of diabetes, or too much glucose in your blood.

learnermummy Wed 04-May-16 11:45:19

Definitely can get it just externally. An not always a discharge with internal either. My GP has always recommended Canisten HC cream for external.

Minime85 Wed 04-May-16 17:55:52

I have exact same symptoms all the time! If I eat sugar of any description it makes it worse. I told GP and she said something I have to live with!

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