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Reassure me on GA

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dilys4trevor Tue 03-May-16 19:51:34

At A and E for a massive boil/abscess on my neck (it's gross) and just been told they will need to do a general tomorrow morning as a local won't cut it.

Had a bad start to the year as husband died through suicide (no emotional loss per se as had detached myself from him due to EA and affairs last year, as had DC.). Been stressful practically and emotionally as now single mum of three and trying to rebuild life and career (he'd humiliated me at work).

Abscess may have been caused by stress!

But because it's just me and the kids now I feel teary at the thought of not waking up or being brain damaged due to cocked up GA. I know this is silly. And the abscess HAS to go.

Can anyone reassure me on GA? I've had it before a couple of times and get into a bit of a state at the best of times.

I'm sorry if this seems minor compared to proper illness. I know it is silly.

Cantstopeatingchocolate Tue 03-May-16 21:51:46

I had an abscess removed under GA. went up to out of hours clinic at 11, transferred to a&e by 11.30. Then transferred to day surgery ward by about 1pm. Prepped and in surgery about 5 ish and home by 8.30pm.
I've gas two other GAs, one for wisdom teeth removal and one for gall bladder removal and this last one was by far the easiest to recover from.
You will need someone to be with you if you want to go home after but it was quick for me and I think that helped. Still a bit sore and tired afterwards tho.
Get someone to go with you as support if you're anxious.

dilys4trevor Wed 04-May-16 10:50:28

Thanks Cant.

In the end, as I was anxious, they did it under local. But warned me it would still hurt.

It hurt like absolute fuck and seemed to take forever.

I wish I'd listened to the doctors! Now cured of fear! X

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