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Hormonal Nausea / Imbalance?

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snowydrops Tue 03-May-16 10:50:18

Anyone suffer from this? I am 34 with 2 DCs (4 and 1) since DC2 was born (and possibly before but I can't remember because I lost my actual brain during pregnancy) I have suffered from nausea and mild/moderate headaches approximately 3-5 days per month.

I am not on the pill or taking any form of hormonal contraception and I'm not pregnant.

I've been monitoring it and I think (although not sure) I can see a bit of a pattern between having very strong nausea (and sometimes actual vomiting) and headache for approx 2-3 days around ovulation, it starts as a sort of on off thing, slightly like vertigo and then builds up until I can do nothing except lie on the bathroom floor and hope it ends :-( I also get tummy bloating and mild cramp pains.

Then pre period the nausea and headaches build again (usually less severe) but also with tummy aches, bloating and general exhaustion. Period lasts approx 6 days, 2 days are pretty heavy and the rest are normal.

In the past (pre babies) i had incredibly painful periods and very heavy bleeding but this does seem to have decreased a bit. To be honest I would rather have that then crippling nausea.

I have been to the Dr (6 months ago) for full hormone check which was all normal except low iron. I eat a lot of red meat to combat this and take a multi vitamin. I have since been back and they have given me Buccastem to help with the nausea but it doesn't help at all so thinking i need to go back.

I don't really know what to do and am wondering if there's anywhere that can help me? Any more testing / way to increase a hormone / decrease it. Anything really just to rid me of this horrid feeling.

I am contemplating the progesterone only pill and or the mirena but in the past when on the pill I became anxious and a bit depressed (tried several types). I think the progesterone only one was OK but it made me feel kind of flat and took away sex drive so sort of pointless!! I've also had the copper coil but it made my periods horribly heavy and it's not hormonal so seems pointless.

Does anyone have any advice / suggestions / experience of this?


snowydrops Tue 03-May-16 12:40:55


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