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Foul smelling wind, help me!!

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Linnielou5 Mon 02-May-16 19:48:23

I'm absolutely at my wits end but for a few months now I have had uncontrollable foul smelling wind, honestly it's rotten. I went to the Drs and handed in a sample, got bloods taken and all came back fine. I generally eat healthy during the week and i don't let off as much but when I do it stinks, it's always worse at night after I've had my evening meal. At weekends I tend to eat what I want, a lot of junk food on Saturdays especially and on a Sunday I'll let off all day and it is foul, and I can't hold it in so I could be out in a shop and it'll happen its so embarrassing. I don't know if my pelvic floor is weaker with having kids which stops me having more control or it's just because I've just got so much wind. I've took charcoal tablets which do help a bit but I still let out the odd one and its still foul. I have a laugh about it but really it's making me depressed, I dread going places as I know I'll fart. Does anyone know what else I can try? It also doesn't matter what I eat although it does get so bad after eating sugars! Help!

Cathpot Mon 02-May-16 19:52:02

Friend with similar symptoms had this
Picked up in pool at centre parks they think as hadn't been overseas. Worth another check?

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