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Disectomy 3 days ago - any experience?

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Calmonthesurfacebut Sat 30-Apr-16 20:16:31

Having had on and off back issues for years, with increasing sciatica, I have finally gone and had a Disectomy on my L4/5 S1 disc.

I have been home two days and been taking it easy, doing a few gentle leg bends and walking 100 m or so, intermittently lying sitting and standing.

However, I have no idea how much or how little I should be doing, or how long. I don't see. to have much pain, the excruciating leg pain has gone, just have numb toes. Stitches look good, not sore - only had 9, they come out in 8 days.

Has anyone experience of this procedure? How did you get on?

Many thanks

Minniemagoo Sat 30-Apr-16 20:21:44

Both Dh and I had the op a number of years ago. The big thing I remember is that it took about 6/8 weeks to really be back to health. It's so easy to think you are better than you are iykwim and delay the recovery. Best advice would be take it very slow and easy

Calmonthesurfacebut Fri 13-May-16 11:03:13

Thank you, can if ask, did you both get back to normal again? Albeit always being aware of your back.

I am two weeks post op the terrible leg pain is gone and although I have a numb foot and both sets of toes, it is wonderful, just to be pain free, but I am terrified it will return once all the steroids and stuff they injected during the op, will wear off!


grimbletart Fri 13-May-16 12:41:44

I had the op over 20 years ago OP - no back issues since. Instant cure after 17 years of excruciating pain. Bliss! Was going for walks within days, back at work after 3 weeks (I only waited that long as I had a very long commute to work). Started the gym after one month.

(A word of I recovered during weeks one and two I did get the odd very excruciating back spasm. May well not happen to you, but don't be alarmed if it does. It's just because the muscles have been interfered with).

bewilderedfish Fri 13-May-16 18:12:29

I had it done in 2010. I also had immediate relief from the leg pain but a really numb leg for many weeks. It took a good 3/4 months to get better fully. I did a lot of walking and kept moving as much as I could. I am left with permanent numbness in the skin of my outer thigh, calf and little toe and outer foot.
The op was successful in as much I am completey back to normal. I can walk, run, climb no problem at all. If I rest too much and sit around for days on end though I get a sore back. Keeping moving is the answer for me.

MatildaTheCat Fri 13-May-16 22:14:56

Tbh I think most people who have disc surgery will always be wary of their backs. Hopefully you can rehab, get strong and fit ( with advice) and have a great life. That life might be different to your old life. If previously, for example,myou sat at a desk for many hours a day and neglected your core muscles, you light be needing to make changes.

I believe Andy Murray and a number of other top athletes have had discectomy surgery so there is hope. It does take time. I doubt the steroids would have produced such instant pain relief,though. So that's a good sign. smile

Calmonthesurfacebut Sat 14-May-16 19:32:00

Thanks, it's heartening to hear your success.

It's two weeks now and yesterday I had a sharp take your breath away lain in the disc area - scared me to death, so I went up and laid down, Grimbletart, it was with relief I read your post!

It also quite achy when I have been moving around for a bit, but I expect I should expect that.

Went to Physio yesterday, have a few gentle exercises. I know I need to take care of it now, I have had on and off problems for years, but realised that it is exactly a year in June that all this started for the worse.

I hope I can be walking the dogs and going to my Pilates classes in the near future, but my jib may take longer, it is very physical and I have to drive for hours at a time to get to my clients, in fact, I think it is the driving that has done it!

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