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So sick of PCOS

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TrafficJunkie Sat 30-Apr-16 06:58:59

Ugh. I have had massively heavy periods since I had my kids. I got diagnosed with Endometriosis. bmBut they got 10 times worse in the last 2 years. I then got diagnosed with PCOS. Suddenly, in the past 3 months, although the physical symptoms of PMT have remained severe - outbreaks, moods, water retention, appetite increase, lethargy, etc etc; my bleeding has been really light compared to usual. I'd say more like a period should be. Even only bleeding properly for 5 days!!! But now I'm getting bloody CM when I ovulate which I've never had before. Last 3 ovulations have been like that.
Is that something to worry about? I was concerned it was to do with my CIN3 but I had the checkup last month and it's all gone (thank god)
The women in my family all had their menopause early - around my age (31)

Any ideas? Is it just simply the PCOS doing its thing?

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