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Bastard periods

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BigApple11 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:44:33

As it says in the subject WHY ARE PERIODS SO AWFUL
Honestly I hate them ...I'm 42...3 kids so my pregnancy days are well 2 of period and I've flooded everywhere sorry if tmi...I'm sick of them! Is it just me??? angry

Bombaybunty Fri 29-Apr-16 18:47:24

I had a hysterectomy for that reason. I am older than you but it's been very liberating!

wallywobbles Fri 29-Apr-16 18:49:12

45 and I still have no idea when or what. Changes all the time. I leak more now then ever before. So I agree completely.

FrankUnderwoodsWife Fri 29-Apr-16 18:49:27

Lots of people recommend Mefanamic Acid.
It didn't really work for me, but I have lots of other health issues.
Go to your doctor. Don't keep suffering. And if you're doctor isn't sympathetic, find another one.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 29-Apr-16 18:51:18

I hate everything about them too. I'm on the pill and now run 3 months of packs together with no break so I only have 4 periods a year. The doctor said it's fine to do that. I wonder if you could try that?
For now I'm prescribing you some cake for medicinal purposes cake

TrionicLettuce Fri 29-Apr-16 18:53:17

Definitely not just you.

Mine have been getting heavier and less regular since they started. These days it feels like my entire life is lived around them.

Hopefully the end is in sight though, after years of fighting for one I'm booked in for an endometrial ablation next month. one more "normal" period to go and fingers toes, EVERYTHING crossed they'll either be much lighter or even gone altogether.

I can't wait, it feels like I'm getting my life back!!

EBearhug Fri 29-Apr-16 18:58:55

Tranexamic acid mostly works for me (had a few issues with remembering to take it, but making sure I keep some in my desk at work helps. I did flood onto a chair at work last month, which was splendid, obviously.

I decided when I'm through the menopause (which I'm assuming will be a few years yet), I'm going to buy myself a pair of white trousers.

BigApple11 Fri 29-Apr-16 19:06:31

I can't tell you how glad I am that it's not just me....thanks everyone. I can't be on the pill because of other health issues. DH has had the snip so there's no chance of any more babies. Another pregnancy would probably finish my body off anyway!

I haven't heard of mefanamic acid so thanks, I will look into that. I have a shitload of other health issues so that could be interesting. Same for tranexamic, will look into that too.

I have wished for a hysterectomy many times but a friend (health professional) has advised me I'd never get one! This has put me off a GP visit but perhaps I'll think again...

What on earth is an endometrial ablation?!

WLmum Fri 29-Apr-16 19:10:16

Definitely not just you - mine have always been bad but got horrific after dd3 and as I approached my 40s. Dr pushed hard for mirena coil which stopped my periods completely almost immediately - for that it was awesome, but it after a few months I had terrible bloating so had it removed. Dr then gave me tranexamic acid which has been bloody marvellous!

TrionicLettuce Fri 29-Apr-16 20:19:19

An ablation is where they destroy the lining of the womb to either lighten or completely stop periods. My mum had years ago (she also suffered with horrendous periods) and she says it was life changing!!

Badders123 Fri 29-Apr-16 20:53:27

Fucking awful aren't they?
I'm 43
Too old for this bollocks

AlwaysDancing1234 Fri 29-Apr-16 21:05:42

Yep fucking awful for me too, you are not alone.
Periods didn't return until 18 months after birth of last baby (lucky) but now they are back with a vengeance. All the horridness others have mentioned - cramps, diarrhoea, flooding etc.
Doc put me on Cerelle pills as she said same as Cerazette which I was on a few years ago before TTC baby - they are NOT the friggin same! I've bled constantly for 3 weeks now, some just spotting but now heavy period again.
Think I might ask for transaxemic (sp?) acid as I've heard food things.
Doc also sending me for several internal and external scans in next couple of weeks (scared sad) to rule out nasty causes of the horrendous periods but I can't even have the sodding scans of the bleeding won't stop!

WLmum Fri 29-Apr-16 21:22:38

My dr added insult to injury by telling me it was it because of my 'time of life' - I am 40!!

RedOnHerHedd Fri 29-Apr-16 21:33:04

I had horrendous periods for years, tried the mirena coil (fucking bastard evil thing that was!) and it didn't help at all.

Tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid made no difference whatsoever. I was taking both those with the strong cocodamol and ibuprofen.

Went for another few years of horrendous bleeding and then started to have severe pain with it too. Was bleeding severely for 14 days, a few days spotting either side of the 14 days and then I'd have a week without bleeding. I ended up very anaemic and fainting all the time. They talked about hysterectomy for me but because I'm only 34 they were reluctant to do it.

So they prescribed the progestogen only pill POP a couple of months before Christmas and apart from the first month where I bled very heavily, I've only bled once and that was because I had diarrhoea which stops the pill from working. My iron levels are finally coming back up, and it's the best thing ever!

I initially didn't want to take any hormones after the horrific effects of the mirena coil, but even if I had a hysterectomy, at my age I'd have to take HRT. So I bit the bullet, started taking the pill and I don't want to look back.

Hope you find a solution soon. It's bloody horrible!

RedOnHerHedd Fri 29-Apr-16 21:35:00

Just realised what I put at the end of my last post. That pun was definitely not intended blush

RedOnHerHedd Fri 29-Apr-16 21:37:20

Oh, forgot to mention, mine was from endometriosis.

Orangeanddemons Fri 29-Apr-16 21:38:53

Day 4 of agonising pains and flooding here. I'm 52, I don't have one for 6 months then 3 come at once.

However, what really peeves me is the myth, that if you go 90 days without a period then you will go through the menopause within a year. What a load of crap. I've had a good 4 years of 90 period free days, and they are still happening!

ihatethecold Fri 29-Apr-16 21:39:38

I'm on the mini pill for painful periods. I had a hideous time after having 3 kids and being in my 40's.
Incantbtske s combined pill due to migraines but the mini pill has been a god send.
I love it and hope to take it for many more years.

2ndSopranosRule Sun 01-May-16 22:39:21

Mine are dreadful. I feel awful the week before and during. I actually saw a gynaecologist last year who told me that nothing could be done. I am limited in terms of painkillers as I can't take ibuprofen which nobody believes. I really can't though. Don't get on with hormonal contraception and am so scared of putting on weight with something like Mirena.

I'm seeing a different gynaecologist next week as I have a prolapse too (woohoo) so will probably have to talk periods again.

millimat Sun 01-May-16 22:49:06

Interesting thread. Mine have definitely got worse since I entered my 40s. Headaches worse, cramps, runs and blood clots. Not nice.

bonzo77 Sun 01-May-16 22:52:47

My periods have gone from normal / light to heavy due to the copper coil. I'd not leaked since my teens and suddenly it was flooding out. Mooncup has totally solved that, and over time I'm sure I'm losing less blood. Not sure if it's the coil settling in or the Mooncup. Pain much better too, though headaches, sweats and cravings much the same.

EllaHen Sun 01-May-16 23:01:05

Mine makes my (pre-existing) back condition so painful I can barely walk.

Stomach cramps no longer soothed by co-codomol. It doesn't even take the edge off.

I'm found Feminax Ultra (naproxen) helps a bit.

Also, I've noticed that the night prior to starting, I am so wiped out that I have to nap in the early evening.

I'm 40.

Onedayinthesun Sun 01-May-16 23:02:25

Interested to read all your experiences , I have had horrific periods for years with severe PMS and even Post menstrual tension too. It effects my wellbeing and those around me.

Regularly cannot leave the house due to flooding, I have ruined my £1500 mattress recently and am so embarrassed about living like this. I have to wear a tampon and 2x night time pads at once if I have to leave the house. I am self employed and literally don't know what I would do if I worked for someone else as I have to make so many adjustments to my life and routine when it's my time of the month.

The Dr said I'm too young for a Hysterectomy, I'm 41 and wanted to put me on anti depressants for 2 weeks a month to manage PMS symptoms but I declined.

I just self manage now , minimise as many commitments as possible, pain relief, healthy food and no stress. My life feels blighted by my period.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 02-May-16 07:02:09


You've been fobbed off and badly so.

I would change GP practice as a matter of course; you've been given duff information there with regards to a potential hyst operation. You should also be referred to a gynae as well urgently as this problem is affecting your day to day life.

Periods should not be horrific, this is due to a physical problem perhaps like endometriosis. Fibroids as well can cause heavy bleeding to arise. Both should be looked for.

Endo is a very much underdiagnosed disease mainly because the usual way it is diagnosed is through a laparoscopy (a keyhole surgery op).

2ndSopranosRule Mon 02-May-16 15:10:28

I'm only 37 and also have to layer two nighttime pads changing several times a day to not leak. I do use tampons if I want to swim but a super sized one gives me an hour max. That's fine for an 'exercise' swim but not on holiday.

I feel so awful at times I've nearly had to go home from work.

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