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Any dental experts around? Embarrassing bad breath question.

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MatthewWrightResearch Fri 29-Apr-16 16:32:01

Can old fillings/root canal cause bad breath?

I've had a scale and polish last month and I still have bad breath, dentist says my teeth and gums are healthy. I have a feeling the cause of the smell is at the back of my mouth where I have fillings as the floss smells when used on that area and my gums bleed (only at one wee bit). At my next check-up what would be the next step? Would a x-ray help?

I use Oral B toothpaste/floss/brush tongue/C12 mouthwash. I don't have any toothache either.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 29-Apr-16 16:36:00

Ime yes,the dentist told me fillings break down slightly and can cause a weird taste. Anyway I eventually needed it replacing after having them cleaned, x rays etc and there isn't an issue now.

Are you flossing?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 29-Apr-16 16:36:28

Sorry, just reread your post blush

zzzzz Fri 29-Apr-16 16:38:48

Get a water pick (just fab!)

Could you have tonsil stones?

MatthewWrightResearch Fri 29-Apr-16 16:41:56

Nope, I've checked for stones and I've none.

The dentist used a waterpik when he cleaned my teeth, the cost has always put me off. I'll keep my eye on prices of the on Amazon.

gobbin Sun 01-May-16 22:47:45

Are you lactose intolerant? My DS is, and eating any yoghurt or milk with cereal leaves his mouth smelling like a sewer.

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