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would you see a GP for this? back pain

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biptinthebud Fri 29-Apr-16 15:33:10

I hate wasting a GP's time so I want to ask if you think this needs GP attention.

These are my symptoms:

5 days headache, moves around my head, started intermittent, now constant, but not as bad today as it was yesterday.

Severe upper back pain this morning, now only moderate

Really weak arms a couple of days ago, lasted half a day

PollyPerky Fri 29-Apr-16 15:43:32

Have you taken any pain killers? Do they help? Do you have a fever? It could be a virus or it could be something physical like a nerve/ muscle inflamed/ trapped. Have you been doing anything different- physical?

biptinthebud Fri 29-Apr-16 15:55:59

I've been carrying my DD a bit which hurts my back after a while so I have to put her down. She's nearly 4.

I've took ibuprofen yesterday and it didn't help at all.
But I took another 2 this morning and it seems to have helped.
I'm thinking maybe it's just getting better?
The headache is a pain!

biptinthebud Fri 29-Apr-16 15:56:10

No fever

lljkk Fri 29-Apr-16 20:24:31

I wouldn't see GP for that, no, sorry.

AveEldon Fri 29-Apr-16 20:29:46

yes see the gp

PollyPerky Fri 29-Apr-16 22:16:40

I'd see how it goes over another week or two.

It doesn't sound serious but if your headache becomes severe or you have other symptoms like a headache then yes, see a dr. But an aching back and 'weak' arms sounds very vague. If it's responding to painkillers and gradually going it doesn't sound serious. Obviously one sided really severe headache, weakness down one side could be a slight stroke but hardly likely as you'd have other symptoms. More likely you have strained something carrying your 4 yr old.

MountainDweller Sat 30-Apr-16 00:48:22

No advice on GP but you could try taking ibuprofen regularly for a few days - it has a cumulative as well as an instant effect.

Atenco Sat 30-Apr-16 03:47:14

Sounds like you need a chiropractor, IMHO. Possibly some misalignment around your neck.

BeauGlacons Sat 30-Apr-16 22:36:20

I would but I wouldn't expect them to do much.

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