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Long nasty virus or post viral?

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Norma123 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:43:57

Just wondered those of you who have/are suffering from that lengthy virus how long did you take to recover? I'm on week 6 now and still far from back to normal.. Not sure if I'm post viral or others can relate x

EllenRipley Wed 27-Apr-16 19:18:09

I'm on week 5! Had two weeks of aching muscles, sneezing, sweating... Then it was glands and mucus and I lost my voice! Currently nursing very sore shoulder/back muscles and a sore throat... Hoping this is the tail end. I've never had anything like this before but apparently there's a lot of it about. Have you seen a doc for reassurance? I had bloods done in week 2 and all came back normal. Like you I'm not sure if I'm viral or post viral but I do know I'm utterly fed up! Hang in there... thanks

Norma123 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:33:43

It's nice to find someone to relate to! I don't know anyone else with it bar my mum who I caught it off of, her symptoms are slightly different though and she's had days where she's almost back to normal. Its just completely relentless! I started with a sore throat and slight cough that I just thought was a cold until a few days later when I got so much worse! Its effected my ears so now have a mild case of labrinythis, fun times. Like you I also had a blood test which came back all normal. The doctors don't seem to know much about the virus and the last time I went I was told I'm post viral! Praying that's not the case. Hope you recover soon flowers

EllenRipley Wed 27-Apr-16 20:59:25

Ugh, that's horrid for you, I've had labyrinthitis once and it was just awful. But it does resolve and you can get meds to counteract the dizziness from your GP. I went to see my physio today to try get my shoulders sorted and she's had it too, but she's very philosophical- said our bodies only react like this when we need a good clear out of what's accumulated and also acts as a signal that we need to make some kind of change...though the only change I want right now is to get through the day without wincing! I think your labyrinthitis is post viral in that the infection has ended up there and it is the type of thing that takes a while to resolve but certainly doesn't mean you've got more weeks and my months of feeling crap to go! Your body is still in recovery, or fighting the virus. I'm taking loads of immune boosting herbs & vits tho god knows if they're making a difference. I think the stress of being unwell can make you feel worse and prolong things too. Im going to give it another week before I go back to the docs and moan again! I really hope you feel better soon. Did you get your ferritin levels & vitD checked? Low levels will contribute to a load of nasty symptoms X

Norma123 Wed 27-Apr-16 22:41:07

Oh it's awful isn't it! How long did your labyrinthitis last when you had it? The vertigo hasn't been so bad it's mainly imbalance and the fullness in the ears accompanied by ringing. As you say it's probably post viral. Had it around 2/3 weeks. Did your physio session help you out? Yes completely agree, its a vicious cycle because try as you might you start getting stressed and frustrated with the sheer length of the virus even though it obviously doesn't help the recovery. I've been to the docs with it about 4 times, think they're getting sick of me haha. I'm getting anxiety about it all which obviously isn't helping. Hmm I'm not sure they were checked actually.. I don't know exactly what was checked besides thyroid. I'm also on it with the vitamins, whether its helping I've no idea. Hope you're better soon, sounds like you shouldn't be left with anything nasty once the virus pisses off xx

EllenRipley Thu 28-Apr-16 11:27:30

Oh heck it was years ago but it started in my sinuses, it was a good few weeks I think. It is a horrible thing to have to function with. You have my total sympathies re the anxiety thing, it's my go to place when any health issues crop up and it's a battle remaining positive. If I hadn't been told by a few folk that these long viruses were doing the rounds I think I would have convinced myself there was something terribly wrong by now! So be reassured there's nothing seriously wrong with you, you've got a very unfortunate side effect of a respiratory virus by the sounds of it. My physio does a thing called myofascial release, it has quite amazing results. She was trying to clear out my lymph nodes yesterday, they all feel quite tender today and I felt rough as hell this morning. Maybe you should think about something like acupuncture or lymph drainage to help your tubes clear out? Hope you're doing ok today! There's a blizzard raging outside here confused

Norma123 Thu 28-Apr-16 13:31:20

It really is, I'm not sure if its that that's making me feel so unwell or the virus/post viral.. Possibly a combo. Guess its just a waiting game but like you say very difficult to function! Went shopping today to try to take my mind off it but didn't last very long, so back home again. Oh mine too, deffo a battle to remain positive! I've never known an illness to drag on like this, the doctors don't seem too aware of these long viruses and just keep getting told a virus should last about 10 days.. If only. If it hadn't been for seeing a couple of threads on here and obviously my mum having it I'd too have wondered what the hell was going on with me. One of the doctors who took an interest was on about running more tests pondering if its galandular fever, quite sure it isn't though. Ooh sounds beneficial, hopefully you'll start to feel a bit better once the tenderness wears off. The mornings are always the worse, I find it tends to lift a bit in the evenings, not that it lasts haha. I've not thought about that, think I'll look into it. Would a physio do the lymph drainage? Ahh really, where abouts are you? Weathers not too bad here although damn cold xx

EllenRipley Fri 29-Apr-16 10:09:15

How are you today? I'd wondered about glandular fever too, but my glands were only slightly swollen for a couple of days and though I'm pretty sure my lymph are inflamed I can't feel anything lumpy hmm I need to stay off google, found myself checking symptoms for lymphoma last night Aaargh! It's a shame your docs aren't being more definitive, I guess they can't always be and if your bloods are clear they're happy it's a more mechanical issue with your ears. But if you don't get any improvement I would just go back and be clear you want another MOT or a referral. Are you off work (assuming you do - I don't at the moment, just as well!)?There might be some kind of natural therapy clinic in your area? You could find a therapist or clinic and just speak to them, ask what therapy they might suggest for labyrinthitis or post viral issues?I think some physios would do lymph drainage but it just varies and often depends if they're nhs or private. Reckon a google of local therapists is what you need. Unfortunately these things cost tho but if you can afford to go a more 'alternative' route you might feel back in control and get some reassurance.
I'm in a wee village in west of Scotland, it's bloody freezing! Bluebells and bumble bees are out though smile X

Norma123 Fri 29-Apr-16 13:31:41

I'm more aless the same, frustratingly weak and quite shaky grr. How are you feeling today? Yeah same with me, the doctor did say typically with glandular fever there would be more swelling, but as it started with a sore throat which returned a couple weeks later she wasn't sure. Imagine if I go back to her she'll run a test for it. Don't know about you, but it's not the easiest thing to get an appointment at my docs. Oh I'm quite certain you don't have that, but I'm exactly the same, can't resist a google diagnosis, never anything positive is it haha. Yeah it is a shame I can't get a more definitive diagnosis. I need to get a referral to an ENT specialist I think, imagine the waiting list is going to be really long though.. Tempted to go private if it's not crazy expensive. I've been a carer for my dad for the past year, although mums had to step in quite a bit now. Just as well I'm not working as there's no way I could have managed it! I'll look into that, thanks. Thinking I might try acupuncture, but as you say probs worth speaking to a therapist.
Ooh Scotland, lovely. Deffo explains why you were experiencing a blizzard haha. I'm down south in Bedfordshire (about 40 mins from London) xx

PollyPerky Fri 29-Apr-16 15:48:19

I have had The Virus and heard via relatives who had it too that their local GP said it was taking 6-8 weeks for people to clear it.

I'm on about week 5 and have good and bad days. On bad days it feels as if it's all coming back again, then the next day I feel ok......

Norma123 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:16:39

Ahh really, that's reassuring to know. Although crazy that any virus can last so long! None of the GPs I've seen seem to acknowledge any long viruses.

I'll be heading into week 7 next week. Mines been fairly relentless although I seem to feel brighter in the evenings. My mums like you though has days where she thinks she's better then the following its all back again x

EllenRipley Mon 02-May-16 16:34:05

How are you today... Any improvement? <looks> I had a really busy weekend but think I survived it, even did some exercise this morning, which is usually what sets me back, relate to that whole 'oh I feel better today...oh, no I don't' scenario so hope I don't pay for it tmrw! Being a carer is a hard job, is it possible you've been run down from the outset? Hell I would def go private. Your health & wellbeing, physically and mentally, should always be a priority and if you're struggling then don't think twice. It's not too bad getting a doc appt here if you don't mind seeing the doc who's a bit green around the gills, getting to see the doc you really like is nigh on impossible. Let me know how you're doing!

Norma123 Mon 02-May-16 19:18:48

Hello smile was wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like you're making progress! Great news. I know what you mean about paying for it the next day though haha, you've had it for a fair while though so fingers crossed you might be out of the woods. I'd love to say I've improved alas think I'm the same sigh trouble is I'm suffering terrible anxiety so I'm not sure if that's just me working myself up or whether its hand in hand with whatever it is I'm ill with. Finding it really hard to relax, I've always been prone to anxiety however its much worse now. Hmm prior to this I'd been in pretty good health, don't get ill that often at all. I have a docs appointment on Thurs with the doc that was on about running more tests so hopefully might get somewhere. I'll ask about the ENT referal and if its a long wait then I'll go private. Haha yeah same thing at my surgery, there's always that one doc nobody wants thats available. It's sheer luck if you manage to get a lady doc. Find they all give such contrasting diagnosis aswell X

EllenRipley Mon 02-May-16 22:40:31

Och sorry you are still feeling rubbish... Don't underestimate the power of anxiety, I suffer badly from it too and ive no doubt it must be contributing to your symptoms, especially if you're dizzy with ear stuff as it is. I've had so much shoulder and neck stuff going on with this virus thing but I'm also quite sure I spent the first couple of weeks being so tense and uptight it's just made things ten times worse. I spent the weekend doing a fitness course (about posture & muscle alignment etc, nothing where I had to exert myself!) and I ended up dreading it. I felt OK though my shoulders & arms kept feeling really sore & shakey and now it's over and the stress of anticipating it has passed they feel much better - so I'm pretty sure alot of it was anxiety. That said my glands areva bit up again tonight and my throats killing me so... Bwah! I too have doc appt Thurs hehe...Just don't be afraid to sit there until you've got some answers and/or a speedy referral. Doc should take the fact that this is causing you bad anxiety seriously . Take a pee sample to check you've not got any low level infection that could be contributing, ask for ferritin & vitD bloods' check - they should be a 'go to' test for any long term ill health when nothing else shows up. Have a google about trigger point therapy too, there are muscle trigger points in jaw & neck that can cause dizziness, I meant to mention that too. Something like that might give you a bit of relief, you never know. this too shall pass...Says me, Captain Fret hmm It will though, the fact you've been in good health and nothing has shown in your bloods is a good sign. These things are sent to test us! Let me know how you get on on Thursday. X

EllenRipley Mon 02-May-16 22:43:58

P.s just read viral labyrinthitis can last 1-2 months and generally ends in full recovery. So you must be at least half way through!

Norma123 Tue 03-May-16 09:44:32

Yeah I think it most likely is, really can't get it under control. I was given propanolol by one doctor but was slightly hesitant as I read they slow the heart down and you have to be very careful coming off them etc.. The following doctor said my blood pressure was a tad low so best not to take them. So I'm just regularly popping kalms haha, not sure how much good they do though. I'll definitely speak to the docs about that on Thurs. Yeah I deffo imagine the tensing didn't help, so annoying isn't it when you just can't help it though. Good on you for doing that fitness course I have no doubt it will have helped you loosen up your muscles a bit. Atleast youre taking all the positive steps to help yourself feel better smile oh the bloody throat, I've actually been 3 weeks now since its last appearance although I fully expect it to make another come back. Stating the obvious but the ole salt water rinses are supposed to help, I found myself sucking a strepsil to sleep most nights. Ahh you also have the docs Thurs. Let me know how you get on also! This doc I'm seeing seems to take things s bit more seriously so fingers crossed! Doesn't seem right when you go down there having been ill for so long and they just dismiss you to get on with it. Thanks for the tip, I'll jot it down, I always go in there and forget half of what I wanted to say haha. I'am taking vitamin D tabs but could still be low. I have read some people say they can test for the type of virus your bodies fighting.. confused ooh I will do that! So many illnesses have the same symptoms you do question what it is that's really causing the problems. Haha I have sort of resigned myself to the fact I'll never be fully well again.. Lil miss positive over here ha. Yes that's true, deffo sent to test us! Yeah I did read that, the docs also seem to think most cases are over in a matter of weeks, do get some cases that last months but I just hope I'm not one of them xx

EllenRipley Thu 05-May-16 10:01:55

I had to cancel my appt! Thought my partner would be here to take so to school but he's off working again. No chance of getting another appt with preferred doc for a couple of weeks. So im going to soldier on. Yes back on the strepsils, feeling a bit chilled and snuffly today but trying to ignore it, I think I'm premenstrual which would explain it but my period is two weeks late as it is (def not pregnant) so who knows! Read the ongoing viral thread last night, labyrinthitis seems to be a feature. Hope you get on ok at docs, let me know what they say. Hope you get a very sympathetic and useful ear. X

Norma123 Thu 05-May-16 15:01:22

Ahh rubbish! That's annoying, although chances are the doctors wouldn't have told you much you didn't know already. I'm off to the docs in a min but wanted to say I'm experiencing the exact same thing re my period! And also deffo not pregnant. I've felt emotional and premenstrual for the last two weeks but still no period! Ooh what virus thread was this? I know there were a couple but an I missing a current one? xx

EllenRipley Thu 05-May-16 16:33:13

I think it might be an old one! It's in general health, I will look for it again but I scrolled right back and saw a few mentions of labyrinthitis! Betcha the period thing is stress but I am at 'that age' too and it's not unusual for my cycles to sometimes go long. I've had cold chills for two days and hoping it's hormones, feels like ive been about to start for ages. Aaargh! Sick of thinking about my body all the time confused I wonder how long this thread will run til we feel better... Lol. I'm kinda hoping no one else but you is reading it now, I feel like a total fruitcake hypochondriac. Maybe I am. Expect full report on your GP experience! X

Norma123 Thu 05-May-16 17:29:53

Ahh yeah, think I know the one. I've scanned through it several times haha, curious for some updates on peoples experiences but the threads seem to have died. Ahh right, I'm usually regular as clock work, like you felt like I was about to come on which reassured me as to why I was sooo emotional etc and yet it just never appeared. Yeah it must be down to stress! Oh me too! Keep looking at people going about they're normal lives in the sun and just feeling so envious haha. I fear in my case this thread could be endless.. I'll end up talking to myself ha. Dya know I do tend to forget this is a public thread haha, beings as so many people were ill in the previous threads I thought more would post. WELL the doc seems to think my low mood is hindering my recovery.. I mean I'm sure there's some thruth in that in the sense stressing won't help but what do ya do.. Such a long illness you cant help but get frustrated. She's prescribed me Fluoxetine.. I'm just scared of taking them due to the side effects confused xx

EllenRipley Fri 06-May-16 11:58:35

Well, in the spirit of revealing all shock on a public thread, I am on anti- depressants (albeit v low dose now as I reduced last year) and they can have a very positive effect on your mood & sense of wellbeing. I'm on citalopram, also an ssri like fluoxetine and they reduce my anxiety to negligible levels. They're not for everyone though! And if you really don't like the idea of being on them then don't. That said don't be afraid to give them a go! They do take a while to kick in and can make you feel a bit spaced & weird to start with but that definitely passes. You could also ask for citalopram instead, sometimes better tolerated. I've a friend who's on fluoxetine and she feels totally fine but it just depends. Try not read too much about side effects or others' bad experiences because you're less likely find anything online about the folk that take them and feel great. Where do your instincts lie, did doc give you any more feedback on the Virus With No End, are you going to get referred for the labyrinthitis stuff?
Ha maybe we should just keep starting new threads to fish for more virus victims hehe... Or maybe loads of folk are reading this and have decided we're too batty to join in hmm Im just waiting on my period starting now, it's driving me nuts and pretty much trying to ignore everything else my body is/isn't doing. Felt pretty shaky yesterday but went for a long walk this morn and so far so good... Plus, Scottish sun forecast for the weekend! Feel free to ask me anything about the happy pills X

Norma123 Fri 06-May-16 15:46:58

Haha well we've spoke about periods so might aswell run with it smile I think quite a few people that you don't even realise take anti-depressants. I didn't realise they had such a dramatic effect on my niece until I saw her one time and she'd run out of them. So Citalopram are generally easier to take? I've seen them mentioned here and there but don't really know much about the different types of antidepressants. The prospect of feeling more rubbish definitely scares me a lot! haha. How long did they roughly take before they kicked in? I'm really not sure what to think, I wouldn't mind giving them a go to see if they help me in some way just like I say having felt rubbish for weeks the idea of feeling worse isn't all too appealing. She didn't really comment on the virus much! as I said before the doctors I've seen don't seem to reference any on going viruses.. she did say 'These things can take time' asked me if I'd ever took so long to recover before, which I said I hadn't, but then of course I've never had such a long virus before! I asked about an ENT referral and she just said she thinks the ringing in my ear and balance issues will sort themselves out once I start feeling better ie my mood improves etc hmm.
I think perhaps we should hehe, there was so many posters in the previous threads... either they've all recovered, or died haha. Hahaha also another distinct possibility is that! The period thing is pretty odd in the sense not just feeling emotional but the mild pains as though you're on/about to come on at any min, but I've almost stopped thinking it's gonna happen at this stage! : s
Getting out does sometimes do ya good doesn't it, I went out for a bit today and felt a bit brighter although still off/a bit shaky. I don't like being sat on my own that much anymore as you tend to notice your symptoms more haha xx

EllenRipley Tue 10-May-16 19:15:23

Shit! Sorry for tardy reply! I thought I'd posted a few days ago to say I was having a weekend of no peace but it hasn't showed up hmm had a load of sunshine & family stuff going on, which has been nice for a wee change. How are you, have you started the pills? I reckon you can start feeling a difference in a week but generally I'd give it a few weeks to start noticing then a full six for it to be in your system and properly working, by then you should be fully free of side effects. I think citalopram replaced fluoxetine for a while, it became one of the most common ssris but I do hear of people being prescribed fluoxetine still ( I seem to know alot of folk on antideps!). I also think that sometimes the more profound the effect, whether it be mood or side effects, the more your serotonin has been inhibited in the first place. Interesting doc doesn't want to do referral until your mood is better, there's def some logic to that but it can also be annoying if you know in yourself that it's more a physical health issue. Assume doc'll want to see you again soon though?
My bloomin' period STILL hasn't started! I feel like I'm about to explode. Now 23 days overdue. But physically I do feel better though still v knackered and sore throught lingering. It's been really sunny here and that has made a difference- still in two minds about whether to see doc tho! Pls let me know how you're doing, have you started the pills? sorry again for taking so long to reply! X

Norma123 Fri 13-May-16 14:59:07

Hey, just noticed you'd wrote a reply. How are ya? I started the pills 3 days ago... It's hard to say what effect they're having tbh.. when you've been used to feeling rubbish for weeks it's difficult to differentiate what's what haha. The anxiety is still pretty high so whether that's just how I'm feeling anyway or the side effects have made that a bit worse I'm not sure. I was out and about all day yesterday and started to feel more myself (albeit still not great) alas pretty down again today. A lot of people I've spoke to seem to mention Citalopram.. sort of wish I'd been put on them as people seem to know more about them. I spoke to someone else on Fluoxitine and she seems to think they kicked in after about 2 weeks.. obviously it varies from person to person.
See that's the thing, once people know you're suffering from anxiety and a low mood they seem to put everything down to that, because of course that can cause all sorts of symptoms. But the dizzyness and shakeyness started before the anxiety kicked in, so.. : s the doctor didn't ask me to come back, but I'll make another appointment in 2 weeks I think.
Has your period started yet? mine came at the weekend, was pretty shocked to say the least! haha. Did you decide whether to see the doc or not? xx

EllenRipley Sun 15-May-16 11:16:16

Hi! Yes I think sometimes they can increase your anxiety at first, which is just GREAT confused Serotonin rush or something. it does sound like the labyrinthitis was to blame for the dizziness at first, stick to your instincts - the antideps might help with that but you'll soon know if the symptoms continue, I think 'you keep coming to the surgery so you must be depressed' is a bit of a cop out unfortunately but it is a good thing that the doc is taking your low mood seriously. At least you'll be on firmer footing to say you want the physical symptoms investigated if they remain despite the antideps. What dose are you on? I'm down to 10mg, sometimes I wish I was back on 20! Do you think that physically you do feel a bit better? When you go back to doc ask again about ferritin levels and vitD test...I know I know, I do keep banging on about that don't I! I keep reading so many things about how one or t'other affects health & recovery, it would be interesting to know. Are you back looking after your dad? Hope you're able to take it a bit easy even while the pills kick in. I'm making myself go out a do 'stuff' at the moment but the urge to head for the couch is strong within me hehe.. Mind you, my period has started! 25 days late, hmmm. I had cramps for days then went to my physio lady- not sure if the treatment got it going! It's a RELIEF. My viral symptoms started after my last period so there's a bit of me thinking what if it happens again??! Completely illogical but I suppose that's health anxiety for you confused Think I'm going to hold off on another doc visit for a bit and see how I get on. I'm hoping all the herbs and super vitamins im taking are kick starting my immune system . They're certainly kick starting my bank account grin Sun is shining here! Xx

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