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Laparoscopy - endometriosis

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Assumptaann Mon 25-Apr-16 10:32:19

Hi, my dd 16 is due to have a laparoscopy in June sometime after her GCSE exams. Can anyone tell me what kind of recovery period we can expect? That being, if everything, hopefully, goes well. Amongst other things, she has her prom early in second week of July, and I am wondering if it is better to see if they can do it after the prom, which could be pushing it a bit as it is on the nhs, or if she has the op 10-12 days before her prom, will she be OK to enjoy it? Thank you

MountainDweller Mon 25-Apr-16 14:14:56

It can vary from person to person but I suspect youth is on her side and will aid a quick recovery. A friend had an investigative lap in her early 20s and went to a festival 3 days later, while I've taken a few weeks to recover from mine (I was treated though so longer more complex ops). Although the outside wounds will be small, they will have a good rummage inside so she may be sore. There's also the GA to recover from. Also it depends whether they treat (laser or excise) and endo that they find. I would say maybe 2-5 days to get over the worst pain and a week or two to recover from GA.

She might be feeling ok to do normal stuff after 10 days but the Prom might be harder - a lot of standing around and dancing could be painful. On the other hand the excitement of the occasion could carry her through.

Assumptaann Mon 25-Apr-16 14:31:37

Thank you for that information. She was given a date after literally months of waiting but it was for 13 days before her GCSE's and the consultant said it wouldn't be enough recovery time before exams, despite me chasing them for months to have it done. Her pre op test was done in January. We now have to have another pre op test in may! She's 16 years old and because we thought the op would be done within 12 weeks of pre op, she now has things booked up and commitments made that looks like she will miss, including settling in activities for a new school in September and her prom!

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