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sugar free anxious about glucose tolerence test

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pammy6 Sun 24-Apr-16 11:13:44

Hi, I have been living 'sugar free' for 18 months now and feel SOOO much better for it .No cravings ,no constant battle with food and no more never ending desire to eat. Very happy with my new lifestyle .
I am currently going through a lot of tests with the end goal of donating a kidney to a friend in desperate need. All the tests are going well . Next week as part of these tests I have to have a glucose tolerance test which involves downing 75g of glucose ! I am so scared because having given up sugar I know how much it controlled me my entire life and how addictive it is. Like a recovered alcoholic or drug addict I am worried about what a massive dose of the previously addicted to substance is going to do to my brain ,how is it going to affect me and will the sugar cravings afterwards be too much to resist ? Am I going to crash into a massive sugar binge ?
Anyone with any advice?

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