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Convinced I have Inflammatory breast cancer

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mishmash1979 Sun 24-Apr-16 08:35:43

Bit of background; had breast pain for 2+ years had mammo last August after numerous GP visits and told either hormonal or muscular. At Christmas pain upped a notch and started with stabbing pains and GP just shrugged it off. Mammo fine so stop worrying g. I am in pain daily and then 2 weeks ago noticed a faint rash of tiny blood vessels across my upper chest and the top of both boobs. The past week it has become almost Burning in sensation and feels warm. It is worse in the morning. I know mammo doesn't pick up IBC so am now not sleeping and am terrified that after years of pain I now really do have cancer. Sooooo worried and am going to GP tomoro. I have mild anxiety and mum had BC last year so GP now assumes its anxiety and am worried she will shrug it off again. The

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