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I got my gallbladder out!

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DivaDroid Fri 22-Apr-16 22:13:23

It came out & I'm home! Everything went well. My side & shoulders are a bit achey but that's it!
Thanks to the people I infrequently spoke to on other threads about it. I don't feel sick for the first time in what feels like forever. Bring on the cheese!

FarrowandBallAche Sat 23-Apr-16 07:44:31

It's lovely not having that pain isn't it!
Take it easy though with what you're eating, keep it low fat for a good while.

wineoclockthanks Sat 23-Apr-16 11:29:47

Isn't it great Diva. Mine came out on Monday and I'm still a bit sore but starting to feel normal at last.

Be careful you don't overdo it - I got a bit cocky on Thursday and carried some washing upstairs after which I needed a lie down!!

AntiquityUbiquity Sat 23-Apr-16 11:35:16

Don't worry if you can't handle fat for a while, it does settle down and you can eat normally again without worrying about access to a toilet!

DivaDroid Sat 23-Apr-16 17:36:30

My lovely mum & DH are helping me (& the two DCs ages 8 & 5). I'm taking it easy with the food - although it's great to be able to eat without feeling sick, in pain & vomiting. Towards the end I've been struggling to eat anything except plain chicken breast & water.
Thank you for your kind wishes &

DivaDroid Sat 23-Apr-16 17:37:05

Get better soon wineoclock

FirstTimeMummy25 Tue 03-May-16 22:49:03

Hi, get well soonsmile just wondered out of interest your story and how long it took to have your gallbladder out. I was diagnosed last week and wondered how long?

DivaDroid Thu 05-May-16 13:08:10

Hi I was diagnosed at the start of sept 2015. I was seen quite quickly I think as I was having bad daily symptoms & im young for it being so bad apparently (34 this month)
Good luck & I hope you're sorted soon.

FirstTimeMummy25 Thu 05-May-16 17:02:25

Yeah that does sound quick! I've heard people waiting for a year! That time scale doesn't sound as bad as I thought! I just want it out ASAP!! I'm 25 so fingers crossed they say the same for mesmile x

Becks4Saints Thu 05-May-16 19:23:57

People do know that when you get diagnosed you can request "chose and book". It will give you the option to have the option at a private hospital, paid for by the NHS.

In total I waited 3 months and had the joy and luxury of an overnight stay at the local private hospitality. Seriously didn't want to come home, food was amazing

Becks4Saints Thu 05-May-16 19:25:12

Ahhh I mean operation and hospital, hope you get what I meant x

FirstTimeMummy25 Thu 05-May-16 21:05:03

So what do I need to do to do that? That sounds amazing! I did look into going private as I'm desperate to get it sorted as it's almost impossible to look after my 8 week old DS when I have an episode of pain! But I was quoted £5720 to go private and need I say that's way out of my price range lol x

Becks4Saints Thu 05-May-16 21:27:29

When I first went to the Doctors, she sent me for a scan and than rang me to confirm that the Gallbladder would need to come out. It was at this point that I used the words Chose and Book.

The Doctors will then send you a firm with a list of hospitals that will preform the option, I picked the private one and boom next thing I saw a consultant and then booked straight in for an operation x

FirstTimeMummy25 Thu 05-May-16 21:34:44

Oh fab! Thanks for that I'm definitely going to get on the case for this! If anything I just want it ASAP! I would have had it there and then in a&e last week if I could have. X

DivaDroid Fri 06-May-16 11:16:55

I'm in Scotland - we don't have choose & book here. It sounds like a great idea.
Good luck & I hope you're seen quickly.

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