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Worried: Trigeminal neuralgia in remission- dare I risk a filling?

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Draylon Fri 22-Apr-16 10:55:53

I recognise that in the big scheme, I've been very lucky in that my TGN has settled down but I am worried that if I get the temporary filling in my lower 7th tooth on that side permanently replaced, it may flare up again.

Briefly, a full-on hot/cold sensitivity flared up a year ago. This morphed into 'toothache' so my dentist began the process of filling removal and replacement on that side as there was no obvious cause for toothache. One filling out and permanently replaced and the 7th removed and temporarily filled later- the penny dropped. TGN. I was on 6-8 ibuprofen a day for weeks, which did help a bit (so ?TGN...). My GP put me on one type of drug that didn't work so changed to another (and tried to make me a neuro appt - none available!) but I decided to wait and see as the pain was subsiding, which it continued to do til now as it just gets a bit twingey for no apparent reason, perhaps a bit more so now that previously, which is a bit of a worry.

Unfortunately that temporary filling is crumbling leaving a sharp edge, so I need to get it properly replaced, but I'm really worried messing around with my tooth root might 'set off' this TGN again, even though it's possible the 'cause' of it is deep in my brain, as TGN can be, not in my jaw thus, it can't set me off. But if it isn't classic TGN, it might.


StillMedusa Sun 24-Apr-16 21:11:43

I'd be worried too tbh... (TN-er perfectly controlled on medication for 5 years and I'm not coming off it!)

I would want to have some TN medication prescribed ready in case... Carbamazapine or Gabapentin..then go ahead. If not needed, great, but if it does flare it up you are ready!

Draylon Mon 25-Apr-16 18:45:22

Yes, I'm very keen to not have it flare up, and felt woozy and unwell on Carba (hence didn't take the Gaba, as, luckily, my pain was receding).

Devil and the deep blue sea!

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