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What is the matter with my toe nail?

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ImBrian Thu 21-Apr-16 11:25:35

My toe nail has been growing like this for ages. Grows normally, develops a line about half way and then goes a funny colour. The but above the line seems thicker and if I catch it will come off. They look horrible but don't hurt (unless I rip it off!)

Any clues? Here's a picture of my terrible toes.

FadedRed Thu 21-Apr-16 11:39:35

Fungal nail infection.
You have three options:
1) go to GP who will probably want to send nail scraping for lab confirmation. There is anti fungal medication that you will need to take for six-twelve months. The medication can have side effects.
2) Buy some anti fungal nail paint at the pharmacist. Usually quite expensive. Requires persistence use for several weeks/months. Not always effective and even if it clears this infection then there is a likely hood it will return in future.
3) coat nail in Vapour rub (Vicks or generic) everyday for month or longer. This might clear it. It might come back in the future.
Some people find Tea Tree oil effective.
The affected nail will have to grow out and be replaced by clean treated nail, so it will be several months before it looks normal.

ImBrian Thu 21-Apr-16 11:49:12

Yuck! Thanks a lot, I'll try getting some nail paint.

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