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Breathing problem during pregnancy

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mommy680 Thu 21-Apr-16 08:31:59

I'm in my second trimester and I find difficulty in breathing. I didn't have any such problem in my first delivery. I was not able to sleep for last few days and my DH got scared after seeing my condition. He has scheduled an appointment with Dr. Philip Solomon in Rhinoplasty Centre, Toronto ( ). I have talked about this with my GP and she said it's nothing to worry. I told her about the appointment my DH has made with the rhinoplasty surgeon and she said it's better to consult. I'm really afraid as my GP is not in place, she will come back after 2 weeks. Is it a common thing? Does anyone here have any breathing issue during their pregnancy time?

CrazyDuchess Thu 21-Apr-16 08:35:23

Not sure how not works in America but unsure as to why you are seeing a plastic surgeon when your complaint is breathing difficulties?

You should go to the emergency room if you are really struggling. I had issues towards the end of pregnancy as baby was taking up so much space, but not to the extent where it stopped me breathing.

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