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Wretched eye floaters...again! Sorry guys

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Nursed123 Wed 20-Apr-16 09:14:55

Hi guys,
I know I've posted recently about these horrible things but just having a bad couple of days and everybody was so helpful last time.
I've been put back on ADs as these things are getting me so down, I've got to the point where I'm scared to wake up in the morning because I see them straight away and I hate this lovely weather because it makes them ten times worse. How sad is that.
I have a particularly bad, snake shaped one in my left eye that follows my vision constantly, I cannot ignore it.
I just can't see this ever getting any better, I don't understand how it could.
My doctor simply laughed at me when I suggested the brain will tune them out! Not helpful sad

HeyMacWey Wed 20-Apr-16 09:20:43

Have you had a sudden increase in them or is it that you're noticing them more now is brighter.

Are you having any other treatment other than ad's? Just thinking that cbt might be helpful.

In the short term, wear sunglasses when you're out and try not to look at the sky. Your brain will tune them out, but it sounds life you need to find a way to manage your anxiety.

Nursed123 Wed 20-Apr-16 09:51:31

No, I've had them for a long time I think but optician said as the jelly in my eyes has liquified (even though I'm only 25 lol!) that I can now see them as they are more mobile.... Lovely!
Yes I am considering cbt, I need to do something as cannot believe this will ever get better otherwise. Feel so silly for how low this is making me X

HeyMacWey Wed 20-Apr-16 10:22:38

Mine have been mobile since I was an early teen.

One thing that can help is practice changing your field of vision. When you focus on your floaters you're focusing on your near vision so try letting your eyes go out of focus or looking at something in the distance.

Nursed123 Wed 20-Apr-16 12:50:49

Oh really, not uncommon then. Mine are very mobile! They whizz about in front of my eyes with even the slightest movement sad
Have yours improved at all or have you managed to tune them out to some extent?

sadie9 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:02:51

I have these too, mostly in Summer or sunny weather. And our house has very bright walls. Sometimes I get worried about them then I forget about. Your mind must be worried about them, it must think they are a danger to you.
Do you ever forget about them - what times of day are they not presenting a problem for you? Eg. watching TV, looking at your phone, typing on the screen, buying stuff in supermarket?
And when you Notice them? Do you get a reaction from yourself. You said you hated waking up because you were 'scared' to wake up and see them. Does this mean you think one day you will wake up and they will be gone. Or that they 'shouldn't be there' or you 'shouldn't be like this' type of thing?

Nursed123 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:22:23

They are definitely worse first thing in the morning when it's bright as all my walls are magnolia too - work is also bad because all the rooms are bright and white and I use a computer for a lot of the day. I see them constantly, only had them about 3 weeks.
I mainly get a reaction of "I wish they would go, I hate them, they ruin my vision" or "why do I have to see them why can't they go"
I'm aware they are harmless and I don't see them as dangerous, I just hate the fact I will never be able to see completely clearly like I used to. Especially at my age. it's also the fear of them getting worse

sadie9 Wed 20-Apr-16 15:43:03

So are there any times in a day when you don't 'see' them or they don't bother you in the slightest?
Mine seem to go away in the winter time. Even though they are still there I don't see them. I can see them now if I change perspective and look for them, otherwise I am looking through them and don't notice them.
I am not sure they get any worse, I think once you have them they don't worsen that's what I figured from looking up about them.
So you they are a threat to you in that you 'fear' them getting worse. It is a threat about future bad stuff that comes into your head when you see them.

Jinglebells99 Wed 20-Apr-16 15:49:31

I have a couple and they were annoying/ upsetting me a couple of years ago. I went to the opticians because I'd also woken in the night with flashing lights in my vision. The optician asked me how many I had, and when I said one or two , she said she herself had hundreds! I hardly think about mine at all now, only notice in very bright light. It is still there but I've zoned it out. Doesn't bother me at all now.

logfiresspit Wed 20-Apr-16 15:59:32

mine have always been there - I used to watch them as a child, and marvel at the way they always moved before I looked at them. I could never quite catch them, they were always ahead of me.
I don't like the fact that I have to blink and look around sometimes in order to see something properly, and there are times when they feel very intrusive. But it isn't the whole time - I can forget about them sometimes. But yes, I have lots, some quite big (I'm v short sighted, and that correlates)

Nursed123 Wed 20-Apr-16 16:10:44

Thank you ladies.... Mine don't bother me in the evenings as the light isn't so bright, I still see them move across my vision but I can't "see" them as the light is dim.
Other than that, I think about them constantly in the day and I am always (at home and work) in contact with cream walls and bright lights so that doesn't help! lol
I am hoping cbt will help me crack these negative thoughts and then maybe I will be able to ignore them
Typical that they've come on just as the weather is turning and its bright and sunny! hmm

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