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I've got hand, foot and mouth. Lovely.

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personoftheinternet Mon 18-Apr-16 11:46:25

Absolutely no idea where I've caught this but hey ho. Feel and look rubbish.

I'm day 2-3 and still seem to be coming out in the rash, it's also spread up my arms.

If you've had it how long did it last? I'm also wondering when the rash and will stop developing.

personoftheinternet Tue 19-Apr-16 22:09:27

Sorry to ask again but is there anyone with any info from your own experience?
I'm now covered in the spots on my hands, arms, feet and legs aswell as the awful ulcers in my mouth. They are still appearing too sad
I'm a bit worried I've been misdiagnosed. Can it spread like this?

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