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Anything other than appendix?

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AnotherSENMess Mon 18-Apr-16 07:12:08

First off, I am going to get a Drs appointment.

Ds (14) is grumbling of a crampy pain in his left side, just above his hip, in his front and back. Says it is different to needing a poo and has kept him awake all night (may or may not have, he may have slept without realising). The only thing I can think is appendix, but could it be something else? He says it has been about 12 hours of pain now, and tbf he did mention it before bed but I (wrongly?) assumed it was just muscle cramp and would ease over night.

AnotherSENMess Mon 18-Apr-16 07:12:56

Grrr... RIGHT side, not left. Previewed everything but that!

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