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receding gums- gum grafting / pinhole gum surgery / laser gum treatment

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CherryTree1 Sun 17-Apr-16 13:41:35

I know there have been a couple of threads previously on receding gums- but just wondered if anyone can help. I've suffered from receding gums for many years, originally caused by over brushing. They were well under control, until about 3 years ago then flared up and have really got bad now. I take great care of my teeth, see the hygienist every 12 weeks, never miss a dental appt., brush and floss twice a day. But it is causing me terrible anxiety now and I think about losing my teeth all the time. Some of the recession is now bad including the bottom front teeth. I build up a huge amount of tartar, although it's cleaned every hygienist visit. Has anyone had pinhole gum surgery , laser treatment or gum grafting recently and can they please tell me something about their experiences, particularly pinhole gum surgery.

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