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sinus infection turning into pneumonia?

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giroux Thu 14-Apr-16 23:52:05

I've had a sinus infection for a while (about 5 days) and because (like everyone!) i have a busy life (career, plus i am a single parent to two kids under 9, we currently live abroad for my job-whilst at night, I'm doing a post-graduate program for my work...)

i have been working through it and drinking copious amounts of lemsip, which seemed to do the trick for the first few days...

but it is not going and today i feel a sore pain in my chest when i cough. And i have a fever of 100. And i feel dreadful and exhausted. I'm really worried now because a year ago i had pneumonia.

could it happen again? I know i sound stupid but I can't be ill, so i pretend it is not happening (always). I used to just work and battle through illness but these days, as i get older, its not happening so easily.

I guess i am asking any experts out there if this could be pneumonia again? I have a really important exam next week for my post grad thing and i just can't be ill sad

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