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How concerned would you be that this could be measles?

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fluffybumbuffy Thu 14-Apr-16 21:32:04

Asking on behalf of a friend (an adult) who was never vaccinated as a child but who has symptoms that they are worried may be measles.

They rang their GP and at their advice went for an emergency appointment after surgery hours. GP ummed and aaahed in a non commital way and said it was something "like measles" but didn't elaborate or do a test etc, just advised to rest, drink plenty, and take paracetamol. Friend has been in conmunication another friend who is a doctor who says it sounds/looks "viral" and could possibly be measles but equally could just be a horrible virus with associated rash.

So, does the fact the GP didn't swing straight into testing and notifying mean they were pretty certain it's not measles?

junemami Thu 14-Apr-16 23:13:01

People are usually very unwell with measles, with high temperatures, conjunctivitis and florid rash. Non specific viral rashes are sometimes described as a measles type rash. Rubella is also a possibility if she's not had MMR, similar rash to measles but less unwell. Important to consider if pregnancy is a possibility or any contacts with pregnant women.

fluffybumbuffy Fri 15-Apr-16 06:42:56

She is really not well at all, the worst she's ever felt is how she describes it.

Obviously a diagnosis makes little difference to her but she'd just like to be reassured (or otherwise). I know measles is a notifiable disease so presumably the GP must have been fairly sure it wasn't that. She's just worried because the symptoms are so similar.

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