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Someone please help before I start googling 'diy hysterectomy'

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MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:31:10

I'll start by saying I haven't posted on here in years although I do read some threads that are on the emails.
As there are so many members, I'm hoping the someone on here has some answers for me.
I had DS1 in Nov 2012, AF returned 9 months later, going form a 26 day cycles down to 21 days within 5 months, before I got pregnant with DS2.
DS2 born Oct 2014, AF returned Oct 2015.

Since October 2015 I have had 13 "periods" ranging from 8 - 18 days apart (although one was 33 days but then I bled for 9 days!)

I am currently on my fourth bleed in just over a month - 12th March (bled for 3-4 days), 25th March (bled for 3-4 days), 2nd April - bled normally for 4 days then trickled for 6 days before bleeding normally again on the 12th April.

I went to see a consultant at the beginning of February, who said it was just my body getting back into the swing of things after being pregnant. She has referred me for an ultrasound so I'm waiting for an appointment for that and I'm waiting for the results of a smear.

I am currently taking the mini pill as I cannot take the combined pill (due to migraines and am still currently bf DS2).

I am so fed up with bleeding now, it's getting me really down, every time it appears I want to cry. On top of it all, I think I've had hormonal thrush for 3.5 years!! (although that is a self diagnosis as my doctors don't know why I'm itching)

Does anyone know what this is and how to make it stop?! Please...

hesterton Thu 14-Apr-16 20:42:20

Mirena coil? Depends on whether you want longer or shorter term contraception I guess.

MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:07:26

I don't know anything about coils - how long term are they? If we are going to try for another, it would possibly be in 12-18 months time

hesterton Thu 14-Apr-16 21:14:32

I don't know enough about them, but they do usually cut down bleeding a lot. You can wear them for 7 years but I guess they can be removed earlier for those who want to conceive again. You'd need to speak to your doc/local reproductive clinic. I had mine fitted for menopausal bleeding nightmares and feel better already.

MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:16:09

Thank you. Good to hear that it's helped you, I will look into it.

Fwaffy Thu 14-Apr-16 21:22:16

Have you had your thyroid bloods checked? If they're okay then I second the Mirena.

Even just taking a break from the mini-pill and being careful with barrier methods could help. The mini-pill can cause chaotic bleeding patterns for some women so I'd stop that for a bit in the first instance to see if it helps.

Mirena is very good for heavy and prolonged periods. It is a bit of a faff to put in but it takes all of 30 seconds to whip it out if you want to TTC again at any stage.

It would be worth a chat with your GP either way to check bloods if not already done and try to get the ultrasound speeded up so you can rule out uterine fibroids etc. But if there'll be a long wait I'd go with a) stop mini-pill, b)Mirena.

Fwaffy Thu 14-Apr-16 21:25:36

Also your itching could be being worsened by the heavy bleeding. You can get a sort of eczema-like reaction on the vulval skin sometimes- red, irritated, intensely itchy. Have you ever been given a trial of a steroid cream for it? Something decent like betnovate sparingly twice a day might be worth a try for a week or two to see if you respond...

GP though, definitely.

MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:28:11

Thank you Fwaffy

I have only been on the mini pill since the end of February but I suppose it could be contributing to the bleeding, as it has got worse since I've been on it.

They said there's a 3 month wait (from beginning of Feb) for an ultrasound so I'm hoping to hear something in the next couple of weeks.

The coil does sound like a good option if nothing is found though!

Fwaffy Thu 14-Apr-16 21:31:41

Okay so not too long till the ultrasound. That's good. Have a look at Mirena in the meantime anyway so you know your options.

Hope you find a solution soon!flowers

MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:33:33

I was given steroid cream but she said it was for clearing up the redness/raw areas where I had been itching, she didn't say how long to use it for, so I only used it a few times and stopped because the itching had stopped.
I only seem to get the itching just before and for the first day or two of bleeding but I can't sleep because of it!

Nepotism Thu 14-Apr-16 21:33:49

If you definitely don't want more children, endometrial ablation is a possibility. It changed my life.

MB34 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:36:27

Thanks Fwaffy

We haven't decided if we're sticking with 2 DCs or not, yet. But what is that Nepotism?

MillieMoodle Thu 14-Apr-16 21:42:53

I was on the mini pill from July 2014 to January 2015 and the longest I went without bleeding during the whole 6 months was about 4 days. I also had constant backache and was permanently exhausted. It was awful. I'd second the pp who said it might be worth coming off it altogether and using alternative contraception. It's worth a try!

Fwaffy Thu 14-Apr-16 22:06:18

MB if you still have the steroid cream I'd suggest applying a thin layer of it all over the vulval region and even back towards your bum a bit. Do that in the morning and at night giving it about 10 minutes to sink in before putting your pants on if possible and for at least a full week. Then when period appears you can use it if needed twice daily, same area, and apply a barrier of Vaseline over it, once it's soaked in for a few minutes, to protect the skin from blood. It's possibly a contact irritation with a hormonal element too.

It's a tricky area to treat and sometimes you end up needing to use regular steroid cream for several weeks to fully clear it.

To jump in on nepotism's suggestion, endometrial ablation involves sort of lasering away the womb lining so it can't build back up again. It's an option for very heavy, unresponsive bleeding if coils and other medical methods (there are a number of other options) just aren't working and would be an alternative to hysterectomy.

Hopefully you'll find some answers once you get your scan.

Topseyt Thu 14-Apr-16 23:47:31

The mini pill gave me almost constant on-off bleeding when I briefly tried it after having DD3 years ago.

I was thankful that I only needed to use it for a short time as DH had just had the snip.

clarkl2 Sat 16-Apr-16 15:53:35

what a nightmare! i think i would stop the pill for now and see if your periods regulate themselves. ring monday for your scan results!
it's a horrible situation, i had my last ever period this week - i'm having a hysterectomy next monday (age 43).

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