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Start of chicken pox - adult

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SweetElizaRose Thu 14-Apr-16 09:57:54

I was exposed to the virus 14 days ago. On Monday I started to get a sore throat which came and went and today I have a cold. Is this likely to be the start of chickenpox? I have no fever...just a cold. However my milk supply has also dropped (exclusively expressing) which I'm worried could be a sign.
I wanted did (16 weeks) to get it first if we were going to have it as I understand it gets worse when passed amongst family members. She has also had a cold but hers is going now.

So is s blocked nose and sore throat usually the start of it? Or would it be accompanied by fever and lethargy etc? I feel fine really just a bit stuffy and my throat is ok once I'm up and about. I have anti virals in readiness and not sure whether to start taking them or not... How long do these sorts of symptoms last before spots?

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