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Please remedies for bladder infection

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HappydaysArehere Thu 14-Apr-16 08:30:15

Started week ago. Tenderness and sharp nerve pains when going to the loo. Started taking Cystopurin and drinking lots of liquid. Drinking cranberry and even tried Actimel as I thought that would help. I keep thinking things are improving than it comes back again. Yesterday had no sign but came back in the night and left me in pain for an hour or two after going to the toilet. Had another Cystopurin and Actimel. Pain went off but going to the toilet still feels zingy. I have been trying to avoid going to doctors and going on antibiotics, especially as I am due a routine blood test on Monday. Has anyone got any ideas? I would be so grateful.

nmg85 Thu 14-Apr-16 10:32:52

To be honest after a week I would be going to the dr as if it is an infection which is left it can cause big problems like causing kidney issues. D-Mannose is good for some bladder conditions so that might be worth a try.

MrsJayy Thu 14-Apr-16 10:35:08

Yeah go to the GP although cranberry juice helps but it's been a week get an appointment

EllenRipley Thu 14-Apr-16 10:43:15

Herbs like uva ursi, buchu, cornsilk are good, d-mannose works but only on an e-coli infection, a good garlic supplement. I've self-treated UTI s with these in the past but you do have to be very careful they don't travel up to your kidneys. Always worth a GP visit and getting a sample tested even if symptoms subside. You can also get urine dipsticks online or from some pharmacies to check level of infection. X

PollyPerky Thu 14-Apr-16 10:55:39

Agree with the others that you need a drs appt.

Cranberry is not a cure for infections. The research shows it may help bacteria taking hold in the bladder in the first place, but it won't necessarily help an infection. In fact it may make you suffer more- it's very acidic and will only inflame the inflamed bladder even more.

Stick to drinking things like barley water, herbal teas and avoid caffeine, anything acidic, alcohol and spicy.

MrsJayy Thu 14-Apr-16 11:31:51

Honestly didnt know that about cranberry my urologist recomm3nded it 20 years ago

PollyPerky Thu 14-Apr-16 11:48:35

Have a read. Page 2- half way down - says they won't cure an infection.

many uros know little about women's bladders (my own sad experiences)

blobbityblob Thu 14-Apr-16 14:08:27

I use cranberry tablets from the health food shop. I get repeated UTIs. Sometimes only AB will clear it but drinking loads of water, taking cranberry tablets, avoid caffeine and alcohol - all of those can head one off for me. The cranberry tablets stop the bacteria growing and mulitplying I think. I doubted it would work when the consultant suggested it, but actually they do for me. I hope you manage to get rid of it.

HappydaysArehere Sat 30-Apr-16 08:52:36

Thank you everyone for all your help. I have just found your posts. I didn't realise you could get those dip sticks from the chemist. The symptoms went after a couple of more days of posting. I was drinking lots and taking Actimel. Cannot tell if that did any good but so far it hasn't returned. Thank you again.

sonata1 Sun 01-May-16 20:13:15

I got my DD some D mannose powder from Amazon. It's not cheap but as soon as she starts to feel the usual symptoms of irritable bladder she takes some and it stops it in its tracks.

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