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PCOS ladies please!

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SurroMummy13 Mon 11-Apr-16 19:59:55

Those ladies on medication to help your PCOS, how did you go about getting it?

Did you go to the doctor and them prescribe it or did they refer you to the hospital?

One more. What medication did they prescribe?

Thanks in advance X

hairymuffet Tue 12-Apr-16 12:33:56

My gp wouldnt prescribe metformin, she just kept saying I wasn't diabetic or ttc.
I had all the other stuff, high bp, cholesterol, slightly high blood sugar,obese, hairy,spotty,skin tags.
I ended up seeing an endocrinologist privately, who wrote a letter to my gp advising me to be on it, as I was at risk of stroke/heart attack later on.
If you go on it , make sure you get the slow release version as the ordinary stuff is wicked in terms of stomach issues.Also, increases the dose slowly, over a few weeks.
Tbh, I'm not sure that it is all I hoped for in terms of weight loss etc, but I suppose its keeping me healthier.
Google 'metabolic syndrome',this is what you need to avoid.

SurroMummy13 Tue 12-Apr-16 22:02:30

Thank you. I will in the morning X

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