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Changing my medical record? Possible? Stress and critical illnesss

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goodusb Sun 10-Apr-16 14:35:17

I have got a patient record from my GP surgery. In one of yhe appoitments the GP said "stress at work". I am now filling out critical illness application and one of questions is whether i expetienced Stress in the past. Shall I say YES ? Or is it a minor episode and not medical condition? OR can I ask GP to change the record and not yi say STress but Uncomfortable situation?

Musicaltheatremum Sun 10-Apr-16 17:05:58

The medical record cannot be changed. Amendments may be written. You will need to say yes.

Artistic Sun 10-Apr-16 17:08:59

Hi, sometimes this is taken as 'stress' and sometimes not. If no action was taken ie counselling or meds then it could be disregarded.

Also was it prior to 5 years or within the last 5?

I had counselling and I had to declare the stress in my critical cover. However it runs out at the end of 5 years from those dates and if I do a new policy at that time then it won't get included.

Artistic Sun 10-Apr-16 17:09:59

Oh, and if you say NO now, if ever you need to claim this will be dug up and could invalidate your claim. Best to be honest.

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