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Endless sore throats, coughs....losing perspective

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Elibean Sun 10-Apr-16 12:08:04

Sorry, this is probably very boring but I'm starting to despair!

I had the nasty chesty virus in January, left me breathless and coughing for weeks. Finally seemed to be improving, then I got a new sore throat and night time cough. Cough got better (after a gallon of Benelyn and a week or two) then throat got worse. Now throat better, but coughing again - dry, tickly, day time only - and I have a scratchy, croaky voice.

Honestly, I've had swollen glands since Xmas and have no idea whether I'm dealing with virus after virus, or allergies after virus, or low grade infection. My head, inevitably, is starting to go to Bad Places as I'm 56 (and a tad paranoid: my non smoking friend died of lung cancer in February).


Elibean Sun 10-Apr-16 12:09:27

ps I went to the GP about the breathlessness and cough in Feb and in March, and chest sounds clear - even had heart checked as have high bp: all ok. Am taking antihistamine nasal spray in case allergies, doesn't seem to help.

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