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Can back pain cause be diagnosed without an x-ray?

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MoreSnowPlease Fri 08-Apr-16 13:46:14

My GP has no appointments today, I do live near a walk in centre but they have no x-ray.

I got a bit if upper back pain 2 days ago, and it was hard to move much, then I rested the last few days and it's improved so left it. Then my 3 year old had an almighty tantrum today best a road and I picked him up to get him away while he wiggled loads and my back just went.

Really sharp pain from my spine outwards at shoulder blade height. Then I could barely move or talk without loss of pain for about an hour. Then it got cold sensation. Now it doesn't hurt constantly, only when I move.

Do i need to see someone at all or just rest again?

MatildaTheCat Fri 08-Apr-16 17:08:57

Sounds muscular and I doubt if an X-ray would show anything. Doctor will tell you to rest it and take paracetamol and or ibuprofen. Ice or heat may be soothing. If you need stronger painkillers or a muscle relaxant then see the doctor.

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