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Fungal toenails - really bad

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EmGee Thu 07-Apr-16 13:47:01

I have two very badly affected toenails. And I reckon they've been infected for years. First noticed it around 2003!! I had the nails analysed in a laboratoire and it was confirmed it was a fungal infection. Was prescribed that strong oral medication you take for six months (Lamisil?) but had to stop it as it made me palms itch so much. Plus I was TTC at the time.

Have also used PurNail (a fungal cleanse lotion I got from the US). This worked quite well but it never completely cleared it although I suspect it was because I didn't fully follow the instructions (put it on twice a day, every day).

Have decided I must do something about it as both nails just look awful - thick, distorted, yellow. Yuck.

I also get an itchy sole (the same foot as the nails) - it's like there are small spots under the skin. Other than that, you can't see anything. But it itches like hell!! I have some Daktarin cream at the moment.

For those similarly afflicted, any other ideas? I don't think tea tree will cut it - I remember a podiatrist telling me it was good for preventing it but not curing it.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 07-Apr-16 21:31:30

There's another tablet now, not griseofulvin. Sporanox or something.

I'd go back to the GP, they'll probably want more clippings though before they prescribe.

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